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Just Forex SignalsI promised I would be writing a lot of Forex reviews today and so I will continue the trend as I move onto the latest review of Just Forex Signals.

When you first get on the web site you have to enter your email for free access to their “Momentum Power Strategy.” Once on the mailing list you are welcomed by a Bill G who introduces you to their Forex signals services and tells you to watch for more emails. After a little while Bill will email again and provide access to the aforementioned monthly Forex signals service.

So at this point we have downloaded the Momentum Power Strategy and have to wait for our next email likely with access to the Just Forex Signals monthly product. I wasn’t sure if I was going to create video for this new product but I have put together a little something showing the process and discussing my expectations of this product.

Just Forex Signals Video

Please take a minute to watch my video review as I go over these Forex signals.

Now that you have watched the video I am sure you understand where I am coming from. I am certainly interested in this signals service but there is very little information available. My hope is that traders who test this service will be able to leave some comments on this review so that we all can learn more.

The official launch of the Product is January 21st 2013 so I will update this review as more information comes out.

Just Forex Signals Recommendation

At this point there is really no reason to give a recommendation. I would prefer to test the Forex system and have some of the Forex Robot Nation members test it as well.

Please leave all your comments under the article.

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