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Inertia Trader – Account Doubling Robot

inertia-traderInertia Trader is a new Forex robot built to double your Forex trading account within a few months without using any high risk strategies. The developer of the software is Evan Goldstein and he claims to of gone from $28,544 in yearly income to consistently building up accounts over $100,000 in profit every few months.

Today I’ll be taking a close look at this EA and letting you know if it’s truly is profitable as Evan makes it sound today. Not only will I provide a review but there will also be an area for you to submit your comments and discuss the software under the article.


Inertia Trader Review

The main elements Goldstein wants to get across to the potential clients of the Inertia Trader is that his software uses no high risk methods, no binary options trading, works with any broker and comes with a risk-free guarantee. The guarantee is a 60 day money-back guarantee and there is also a 7 day free trial. After the trial the product costs $147 every 5 years. This is a unique payment model as most EA’s are either a one time fee with a handful charging monthly. This is the first I’ve ever seen charging on a five-year billing schedule.

IT Video Review

The Strategy

The psychology and strategy behind the Inertia Trader is briefly discussed on the sales page. We are told that the EA is built to exploit the concept of price inertia, “which means it completely focuses on the physical properties of price momentum.”

Basically, the robot is constantly watching the market looking out for sharp price movements. Then, when movements occur the robot will do whatever it can to determine if the price will keep moving in that direction or if it’s just a short spike.

The risk reward model is different than most other trading systems I’ve seen lately. In looking at their my FX book account I can see that their losses are gneerally around 25 pips and their wins are anywhere from 25 to 99. It really looks like Evan Goldstein is letting the winning trades breathe a bit. As for the the hard stop loss, this is normally set around 25 to 50 pips and the hard take profit around 150 to 190 but they have yet to have a reach a winning trader over 100 pips thus far.

The Trading Results

Currently there is one Inertia Trader myfxbook account available. Hopefully over the next few weeks with the launch of this system we see some real user results to see how they perform as well. As of right now we only have access to the developer account. You can see these results available here:


It’s too early for me to give a final conclusion on the Inertia EA but the early prospects are good. Evan Goldstein provides us with good insight on his strategy, it’s not too high priced and the myfxbook accounts looks impressive. I still would like to see some community my FX book accounts before I dive in personally but I don’t to get will be long until these are delivered.

I hope that you are having success trading after the US election. I will be resuming my automated systems next week and hopefully picking up where I left off with Forex Fury, which hasn’t lost for me in over two months. Have a great day and leave a comment.

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Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.


  1. thabiso khaketla

    how much do i need to fund my account with before i can be able use it

  2. Does anyone know what money management is used? Looking at the history on myfxbook the lot sizes per trade vary so much.

    • They depend on the amount of money in the account.
      They are high anyway and you can’t control them yourself.

      The only parameter you have is the number of trades the EA makes.
      Default is 3, using M5 and M15 you have 6 with both in default.

      Fine for me.

  3. Update:
    For this EA you need patience and nerves of steel.
    This week, my account went from -10% to +50%.

    Official myfxbook shows it honestly. My account does more or less the same trades.
    I’m impressed about the amount of money in the real (!) account. It’s almost a million now.

  4. Update:
    as today I’m -20% again

  5. Screenshot of my Account is blocked.

  6. Update:
    After 6 Month slighty plus.
    Max drawdown -25%

  7. Trading this on real account since January. Minus 20%

  8. Hello,

    Can you provide any updates on the performance/results of this EA?

  9. Look promising, please keep us updated about the progress. Thank you!

  10. Hi admin

    have you got deep insights on inertia robot? did you reach to a conclusion to recommend it or not?


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