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Indicator Review: PipFinite Trend Pro

Today I’m reviewing a new Forex indicator built to help traders identify trends, in order to make reliable profits, PipFinite Trend Pro. The software is built to filter out market noise, while providing accurate entry signals with exit levels. There are also new features that it been recently added, which include “enhanced rules first the statistical calculation,” which and been included to enhance the overall performance of the indicator.

The product is produced by Karlo Wilson Vendiola, an amateur MQL5 developer located in the Philippines. Karlo currently has in 19 products available in the MQL5 marketplace, and quite a few of them are actively reviewed and discussed on their sales page. For support, traders can email, Skype pipfinite, or direct message via him the Facebook page.

The product was first released on January 15, 2018, and is now on version 1.2 with the last update coming on March 8, 2018.


PipFinite Trend Pro Review

The distinct PipFinite Trend Pro strategy is not disclosed to the public. Karlo does provide us with a few different trade set up examples that seem to be based on either going against the trend, or support and resistance levels, but a little more detail would be appreciated.

Regardless of the trade strategy, the utilization of the indicator comes across as a very simple three-step process where traders receive signals, set stop losses, set take profits, then sit back and relax. When a signal is sent to the client, it comes with a potential success rate. If the success rate is higher than 65%, then Karlo recommends that the client uses the signal. If the success rate is lower than 65%, then traders are expected to avoid the signal and wait for the next trade alert to arrive.


The developer wants us to be aware of the software comes with a visual-based trend detection system, enhanced statistics calculation, and full compatibility with expert advisor development. Signals are provided via pop up, email, push notification and sound alerts within MetaTrader 4.

It’s also worth noting the software will never repaint, back paint or recalculate trades. This is a claim made by most indicator developers as we can see in our reviews of Forex Gump, and Forex Easy Now.


  • Type: Forex Indicator
  • Price: $98
  • Strategy: Trend / Support & Resistance
  • Timeframe: All Timeframes
  • Pairs: All Pairs

Going for $98, the PipFinite Trend Pro is aptly priced to fit the market, and provide traders with an affordable Forex indicator. In the breakdown you can see that the software is built to perform admirably with all symbols and all time frames. Yet, with the market shifting and changing actively on a daily basis, I always prefer a much more specific strategy.

Historically, I found the Forex indicators too frequently cast a wide net in their claims, telling traders that the software is compatible with everything. I believe that these vendors would benefit greatly by focusing on one time frame and just a few pairs at a time, so that the clients don’t have to do months of testing to figure out what works best for them.

Trading Results

As this is a Forex indicator, the PipFinite Trend Pro software does not come with any real trading results. There is a video on the website, and a handful of trade examples, but nothing concrete or verified that we can rely on.

The indicator market almost never provides trading results to the community, but I’m not totally sure why that’s the case. There’s really nothing stopping the vendor from trading their own product, and proving to us with a Myfxbook account, that the software actually works. All things considered, don’t we want the developer of the software to be using it on a daily basis if it’s truly a winning system? If you consider this question, then there is no reason why the vendor couldn’t upload their trading results to a statement sharing provider and show us their trading results.

This isn’t a major slight on the developer, but really indicator sales in general.

Client Feedback

While the trade results aren’t what I would want them to be, the client feedback is extremely positive. There are over 900 reviews, and I can’t find anything lower than a 5 star in the bunch. One of the most recent comments is from jstandy who tells us that it’s a “Great indicator, really easy to use i highly recommend it, when trading with the trend its hard to go wrong with this, deserving of a 5 star.”


There are definitely parts of the strategy I want to learn more about, and I’d like to see some real trading results at some point in time as well, but outside of these aspects the PipFinite Trend Pro looks to show great potential. I may have to throw this on my charts very soon as well, depending on what the Forex Robot Nation community has to say.

If you have anything you’d like to add, please leave your comments and reviews below the article now.

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  1. Done backtesting and it looks good for the last 3 months, or maybe I’m doing something wrong?

  2. Dear sir

    It’s good to know about your company and we are empressed me so I want to buy the indecator pipfinite trend pro so first we want to first send me one or two days trade strategy to check it and then we will send the money for one year and also send me details in my email address and also send me your company phone number or viber WhatsApp.
    Also if you have more better than this indicator give me information about and send me email so that we will have business relationships in future.

    Best regards

  3. I own this indicator and I am not too thrilled. Over rated for almost 100 bucks. My problem comes in with their bountiful and plentiful reviews. Why so many? They offer a free scanner. But, in my world nothing is free! So how do you get a free scanner? Well this is where the positive reviews come in to play. They say; “A Multi-Timeframe And Multi-Currency Scanner Is Available To Our Loyal Clients!” What is a loyal client? It is someone who buys the “Trend Pro” indicator, then posts a positive review, then sends proof they posted a positive review and wala, you get a nice scanner. I don’t blame them for their review efforts. It’s the people who run the market place that allow this kind of shenanigan stuff to happen.

    In my experience, this is always a red flag.

  4. You have to give him 5stars to get other indicator or often a scanner. That is the reason for his high rating.

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