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Ichimoku Cloud FULL Forex Trading Strategy

You’ve been asking for it. And now it’s time for you to win more trades with my complete Ichimoku cloud trading strategy.

This trading strategy is absolutely free. It’s simple to use, and it can be used by beginners or even experts too. Just look at this 113-pip win using this strategy where I banked $4,900. I’m going to help you get more trades like this one in your Forex stock or crypto trading accounts. So, you can finally afford that super car you’ve been dreaming to drive off the lot. 

I’ll show you multiple live trades in full. I’ll Give you my exact entry strategy, my take profit. My stop-loss approach and give you everything you need to start winning trades utilizing this Ichimoku cloud trading strategy. Just smash the like button and subscribe to the channel if you like this content at all, let’s go.


Ichimoku Cloud Trading Strategy

All right, let’s get into. If at any point you have to pause or rewind to watch this strategy, make sure you do that. You do not want to miss out on this profit potential. So, first thing you want to do is come to, click on indicators and click on the Ichimoku cloud indicator. Once you click on that, that will go on your chart.

It will look like this. Yes, the indicator is very sloppy looking, but don’t worry about what it looks like. It’s incredibly powerful and can make you a lot of money. The indicator is made up of a conversion line in blue, a baseline in red, the lagging span in green. And of course, the Ichimoku cloud itself. The blue line and the red line are moving averages. They’re often used for the entry signal when they’re crossing. The blue moving average is a nine-period moving average. And the red moving average is a 26-period moving average. 

Then you have the lagging span here in green. This just shows you the price value pushed back. If this line is away from the current price. You have a strong trend, but if the line is very close to the current price, you have a very weak trend. 

Now that you know the indicator let’s get into the Ichimoku cloud strategy itself. For the strategy, it’s very easy to use. I’m using the one-hour timeframe. So, make sure you set that up first. Then all we’re trying to do is look for buy trades when the price is above the cloud, and we are looking for sell trades when the price is below the cloud. I also want the blue moving average below the red moving average for cell trades. And I want the blue moving average above the red moving average for buy trades. 

And for the lagging span, I want this green line below the cloud on sell and above the cloud on buy trades. I also use the relative strength index. You’ve seen me use this indicator before. Quickly go to indicators, type relative strength index, and just click on that indicator. All I want to do with this indicator is provide additional confirmation. I want this line above 50. If I’m doing buy trades, I want the line below 50. If I’m doing sell trades, I’ll show you when I do the live trade examples. Don’t worry. 

Trade Entries & Profits

For entries there’s a lot of things you can do. You could use the moving average cross, which you see right there for a sell trade. You see a moving average cross right here for a buy trade, or you can use the cloud breakout. Look the price is breaking out of the cloud right here. That’s a sell trade. You have the price breaking out of a cloud right here. That’s a buy trade, or you can just trend follow by picking up smaller wins once the trend is already formed. 

Now, let me show you the take profit and stop loss. Let’s say you have a sell trade right around this area. You would be targeting maybe a smaller win around here. And a bigger wind. You’d have to look back and see for somewhere around here. Cause these are the two recent levels and for a buy trade, like we had breaking out of right here or like we had with the cross right here. We would be looking for a target profit somewhere around this level right here, or a shorter target profit, maybe somewhere around here, because these again are two recent levels where you can profit. In terms of stop loss, If I was taking this trade right here, I would set my stop loss at a recent level. So somewhere around here, and if I was taking the buy trade somewhere around. I’d be setting my stop loss below this level around here, just a recent low, right? This is a recent low around here. This is a recent low right here. And then I’d be looking to target something like a two to one risk reward ratio. In this case, it was something like this, which was 4.1. A smaller target reward ratio would be somewhere around here. Which would also be as solid and very effective trade. 

Now that you know, my Ichimoku trading strategy from front to back, I’m going to set a tally at $0 and take some live trades. So, you know, my trading process. And when I’m done with that, make sure that you use this strategy to, and leave a comment with your trading results because you know I love to see it. Now let’s get into these live trades.

Live Trade #1

All right. I only have three trades to show you. So, it’s very important that you watch all three to make sure that you get this Ichimoku cloud strategy right. So, let’s set the tally to $0 and see how I do. 

For this first trade, I’m looking at a US dollar Canadian dollar sell trade. This is a solid trade with a risk reward ratio of 5.38. So, I’m only risking 1% and I gained a 5.38% when I win the trade. I set my stop loss right here around this recent level. And I set my take profit at this level right here. If I scroll back, you will see this was an area of support and resistance at this level. So, I feel like this is a strong area that the price will return to. 

For this trade, I wasn’t around when we had the cross or the cloud breakout. So, I just jumped in on an existing trend around here. At this point, you can see the lagging span is already showing this as a strong trend because it’s away from the price. The price is also below the cloud, which is very important for my entry. The blue moving average is below the red moving average and the RSI is below the 50 marks. So, let’s see how the play trade out. You can see it was an awesome trade. Smashing my take profit almost right away making me $3,314 in just over 10 hours. Let’s add that to the tally and get into trade number two. 

Live Trade #2

For my second trade, I had a Canadian dollar Japanese yen buy trade. You can see this trade as a 2.03 risk reward ratio. I set my take profit for about 35.2 pips at this resistance level. And I had another key level down here that just got broken. And I set my stop loss right here around this level of price. Just like the last trade I jumped in on the ongoing trend, you can see the lagging span is far away from the price telling us that this is a strong trend. You could see the price is above the cloud. And the blue moving average is above the red moving average. I also have the RSI above 50, so let’s take a look and see what happened with this trade. It quickly hits my take profit. I did miss a little bit extra on this trade, but it made me $764. 

Live Trade #3

Now let’s go into the final trade. And this is far as I’m concerned is the best trade. And it’s the one you really want to follow if you’re using this Ichimoku trade strategy. For my third and final trade, you can see, I have a risk reward ratio of 3.93. This is a 113 pip take profit. I have it at a key level right here, and I had my stop loss set based on these recent low levels right here. So, this is how I set up the trade. For my entry, this was my favourite entry because I did trade the cloud breakout. You could see, we are breaking out of the cloud at this point, we had the moving average cross at this point. So, this is exactly where you want to start the trade to get in at the beginning of the trend.

So obviously the price is breaking out of the cloud. So, the price is above the cloud. I have my RSI breaking above 50 right here. I have the blue moving average above the red moving average. And so, this is a buy trade. Let’s play it out. I’ll show you exactly what happened with this. You can see this went on for quite a long time. I held this for six days and it tested the cloud a couple of times, as you can see right here before eventually smashing my take profit and this was an incredible trade. I banked $4,904 in six days. And it’s exactly what you want to see from this Ichimoku cloud trading strategy. 


So, after Three trades. I totalled $8,983 using this Ichimoku cloud trading strategy. And I believe I would have done even better if I focused more on getting those cloud breakout entries like I did in the final trade. Now it’s your turn to try the strategy and let me know how you do in the comments. Tell me all about your results. And if this video helped you at tall, please give it a like, subscribe to the channel and go watch this video here. Or maybe go ahead and watch this video over here. I picked these two videos for you to watch. I hope you enjoy them. I hope you like the channel. Now Get out of here, cause I’m out of here. Go make some money.

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