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Hybrid Pips – Forex System by Chris Ryan

hybrid pipsHybrid Pips – Forex System by Chris Ryan

Looks like it is going to be a good morning today, I have a bunch of new forex robot reviews to keep me busy. This one by Chris Ryan I will start to uncover now, Hybrid Pips.

The one thing holding you back from forex profits.

At this point there is just a couple videos about Hybrid Pips and not a lot of information. This is using a usual launch strategy that many internet marketers have grown to love. Grab your email talk to you in a few videos without providing any relevant information.

Sadly, this is not the type of forex releases that I enjoy. As a reviewer I need some information about hybrid pips and as a reader you NEED to have it in order to make the right decision. Many of these forex marketers won’t give you the information until you buy which is a big no-no, and it is something that gets us all in trouble.

I am really hoping that Chris Ryan and hybrid pips is the real deal but until I have more information on this forex system I will have no further comments. I will be watching this hybrid pips launch very carefully so that I can get you all the details you need in order to make a decision and a purchase.

If you have details on the forex hybrid pips then feel free to leave a comment below and start the discussion. Bookmark this page because I will be adding to it daily.

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hybrid pips

About Patrick Ryan

Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.


  1. Guys,

    Check this out – looks like there IS a way of making real cash from Forex and Hybrid Pips and you don’t even have to trade –

    Yes, it’s called being an affiliate

  2. Hybrid Pips and its Xtreme version proved to be one of the worst scams ever. It cost me a lot of money because they jack their lot-sizes haphazardly. Maybe they just amuse themselves by seeing how quickly they can blow an account. They blew mine with three losing trades.
    I repeat. A blatant scam of the worst kind and they refused me a refund through PLIMUS. Last time I buy through PLIMUS. They support the scammers and this is the third time I’ve been refused a refund by them within the warranty period. BE WARNED.

  3. Hi there everyone,
    This guy pestered me so much that finally I had to tell them to ***** in terms before they stopped. Anyway, I have had mixed experiences with Ea’S and systems, so I was wondering which two EA’s was Pat happy with??? Pat could you please let me know? Thanks.

  4. Thanks for the info on Hybrid Pips. I was thinking of ordering but not anymore. Like some others I also am happy with Auto Pips Profits. So far for the month of May my account is up 55%. Sometimes the drawdown makes me a little nervous But so far it always turns into a profit. Good luck.

  5. Same experiences as above plus some nasty losses from the three also rans they’ve got shooting out signals (albeit in very shaky market conditions). I’ve reduced my lot sizes to infinitesimal decimal so that they don’t hurt me too harshly – but I think it’s going to be a refundable. Auto Pips Profits is getting it much more right than wrong….. however they disappeared for 11 days with a fault message onscreen that they said was my fault – and I’ve only just got them back. Hybrid Pips could evaporate and i wouldn’t be too fussed.

  6. Hi all,

    I am letting that bad EURJPY order go a little while longer… who knows I might make my money back. It’s dropped to -$775 right now. I’ll put in a S/L at $916 so I break even, but I don’t think I’ll let it go higher than that.

    On the other hand, I don’t know if we’re even allowed to go off topic about other EAs, but in any case, the two I’ve worked with are: Shark EA 6.0.7 and Auto Pips Profit (the regular client, not the other 3-4 upsells).


  7. @ Snultz- lol Course we would. At least in being truthful with each other concerning what works out there and really sharing the good stuff!

    Good trading to all

  8. Hi Pat,

    Which EAS are you having success with!

  9. A quick update guys …

    So far, I’ve had 23 trade:

    I’ve occasionally closed some orders manuall, to avoid too much S/L or to lock in some gains.

    Gross profit: $1410.69
    Gross loss: -$494.09
    Net profit: $916.60

    However, I have an order that’s down $864 right now. Bad call on the EURJPY on Hybrid Pips’ part.

    At least I got a refund. I should just close this order and call it quits. I’ve been having success with two other EAs so far.

  10. Ho-Hum. Ordered with the full array of upsales. Whew when will I get tired of applying for refunds. It is alot of paper work and tracking to make sure I cancel in time. Anyway, I ordered on one computer and trade on another. The member website access is not on any of the receipts, so I can’t download any software. I did get a response from support saying to log in to the member site. Problem is I don’t know the site nor do I have a user name or password. Still waiting for a response. First response in a few hours, now it has been a whole day. Hope this is not pipscloner up for a reincarnation.

  11. In his presentation, he poured scorn over forex gurus & robots yet still pedals the same garbage that they did. It’s all part of the same scam – they’re all affiliates. Check the e mail titles “this won’t be open much longer”, “I can’t believe he’s giving this away” on and on. Guys, maybe we should form a support group and trade ourselves, think we’d do a lot better than the scamsters.

  12. oh another scam..thanks for the updates though…when i was leaving the page..the pop up took me to a page to download the software for free, BUT i need to give my credit card details .. as an authentication !! why on earth would you need my credit card details for authentication, for a software that you are providing for free ??

  13. We are currently using Justin Delmar’s AutoPips program and although its slow in accumulating profit, it is working for us for one month so far.

  14. Was about to purchase this system, but thought it better to read some blogs first. Thanks to Pat’s comment and related experience, we have definitely put off proceeding with purchase. Our list of scams was growing fast but now have got wiser.

  15. A scam, impossible to download, when itt’s done no licence key , after numerous email, no answer so my money back

  16. As part of the “foolish” group does anyone want to know the full list of all the rubbish I have purchased? LoL

  17. It is obviously a scam people. Could you not see from the video? The 12 year old actor said he had been working for 10 years on Wall Street!!
    Also, he says that he was not a marketeer that was going to ask for monthly subscriptions but on the purchase page it states $37 per month. When I tried to leave the page it offered 3 days free and then the purchase page states a recurring fee of $37 per WEEK!
    Stay away from this kind of rubbish.
    Remember, a fool and his money are easily parted. Don’t be a fool!

  18. I purchased this but I really got tired of all of the upsales (I think 4). My PW (which is the Plimus receipt) never worked so I couldn’t log in to download the product. I emailed numerous times to different email accounts (they seem to have 2 or 3 email addresses). I never received a response and some of the emails came back as undeliverable. I contacted Plimus for a refund and I have not received a response from them (except the automated response that they received my email). I can’t believe that so many supposedly reputable companies are pushing this product. In my opinion, this takes the cake for SCAMS.

  19. Thank’s for the info Pat. This was what I was waiting to here about. I definitely was going to buy it, however I do think that I am going to hold that thought after hearing your story. That’s a horrific drawdown for just two hours. I’m curious to here what other people have to say.

  20. Bought it, set it up … used recommended settings, i.e. proportion of 0.5 (their Viktor account supposedly uses $10k where I use $5k), and was about $1000 short in just 2 hours. Luckily for me, market conditions turned this -$1000 into +$125.00. So I’m definitely asking for a refund. This thing will definitely blow many accounts.

  21. Paid my money with PayPal, but as yet have not received a download of the program.???
    Not happy, may head off now and try to claim my money back.

  22. I purchased but never got plimus receipt. Same delay. They had server issues.The site shows eurusd for results but it is only available as a upsell and the 37 mo. is for gbpusd.

  23. Hi , still unable to download software, but have been sent welcome/apology email for delay. I noticed bottom of members page now says & not & has been added to in last 24hours with question/ answers section. Pitty I cannot use yet, but had at least 4 emails trying to get me to buy it !!!

  24. Look forward to hearing more guys.

  25. I have subscribed, can’t acces it properly yet, sent support ticket. Looking at members screen it is same company as as it says so at the bottom of the screen , with 3 expert advsiors available to trade for you – let you know more when I get in !!


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