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How To Make $12,876 Copy Trading Forex Signals!

I made $12,876 in three days copy trading Forex signals, and this is how to do it:

I created a free copy trader that copies signals from my VIP trading room to your trading account some months ago. It opens trades, sets the target profit and stop loss, and I can send a message at any time to place the stop loss to break even or even manually exit the trade if I want to.

It has been a complete game changer for the VIP room because not everybody has the time to place or manage every trade. Hence, that’s what I’m doing for you. 

This past week, I had the copy trader running on a live $50,000 trading account, but before I show you that only 31.5% of my Youtube videos’ watchers actually subscribed to my channel. Thus, please do so asap, as it’ll really help me.


Live Trading Results

My live verified MyFxbook records trades where I made $4,000$7,000, and $12,800 in just three days of copy trading all of the signals from my VIP trading room to my MetaTrader account.

Copy trading forex signals results from Patrick Ryan.

I made $5,800 from some trades and $4,000 from others, with some taking only six or seven minutes because I can send you that signal fast, and you don’t have to place it yourself.

Another trade made us $2,200 in two minutes and one more $6,600 about an hour later. Hence, that trade made me almost $9,000.

The EURUSD buy trade sent in the VIP made that amount at a solid support level, and I used some trend continuation, looking for a movement to the upside.

The price was somewhat in a channel, so I felt its top was a good area for my take profit because we could have broken out of the level for a solid break in the structure.

If we had a consolidation at the channel’s top, I’d send a message to the copier to set the stop loss for break even.

Eventually, the price smashed my first and second take profits. I could bank a couple thousand here and about $6,600 on the second. It was a solid trade of almost $9,000 gain.

Patrick Ryan's forex trading result with copy trading signals.

I took the trade in Meta Trader with my live Hanko trade account. Every one of such trades was copied into this trading account using the copy trader.

I didn’t place these trades manually. All I did was send a message in my VIP room; then that triggered these trades in the account. How did I do that?

I had a Forex Robot Nation copier in Meta Trader’s Expert do the work for me. You can put it on one chart (not every chart). Then, it takes all the trades.

The only thing I changed in its settings is the “Symbol suffix” on the Inputs tab to “.HKT.”

The pairs on the left side are Hankotrade pairs that require a suffix “.HKT.” It ensures the copier can read the symbol properly and send you that trade.

Another thing you want to change is the risk factor. How much of your trading account do you want to risk on the first take profit? If it’s 1%, then much do you want to stake on your take profit two? If 0.5%, a trade would be risking 1.5% of your entire trading account.

I risk a little more than that for some of these trades, as I like doing some “crazy things” in my videos. Hence, ensure your risk management isn’t copying mine because I take risks. I have that money to lose, and I like getting more views sometimes. 

There are more advanced settings here, including a trailing stop and break-even function, but you don’t need them because when I send a message in the VIP room, I can set the break-even and manage the trade for you.

Hence, if you want to be hands-off, you can be hands-off, but if you want to be more involved, you can manually exit trades yourself. That’s up to you.

However, there are so many more trades for us to go through. I made $5,000 on one and$6,000 on another, so let’s dive deeper into them.

Live Trade Signal 2 (Buy)

I also traded GBPUSD in my VIP room by following the trend direction. 

The price has bounced off my support a few times before starting to pick up momentum. I wanted to see if a wick broke before entering my trade at that level.

For my take profit, I just targeted areas where we’ve seen the price struggle in the past because I knew it would likely hit them again.

This trade smashed my first take profit quickly before hitting the second. 

This example is important because it almost hit the stop loss with about one pip or 10 points – that’s the difference between winning and losing this trade.

I got an email from someone telling me they lost it, and the spread was the cause. As shown in my trading account, I won the trade because I’m with Hankotrade.

If you head to your MetaTrader’s market watch and open the spread, you’ll see your GBPUSD spread. Mine is 4, meaning four points, which is low.

Use a broker with a low spread; that’s why I recommend Hankotrade.

The spread of other pairs, like the GBPCHF (in my example), is 20 points (two pips). Hence, if we were trading such, we would have lost this trade.

I prefer to pay a little commission to have tight spreads because I want to win my trades, and when I send them to you in the VIP room, I want you to win that trade too. Hence, ensure that you’re using Hankotrade broker.

A few people in the VIP room lost that trade but should not have because the price didn’t hit our stop loss level. 

Live Trade 3 Signal (Sell)

Our third trade was a counter-trend trade on EURUSD, but I believed the price would continue moving down if we broke a significant level.

My take profit was at a significant resistant hit in the past. 

The price smashed my first take profit almost immediately after opening this trade before hitting my second, making this another solid one.

It was a seven-minute trade that banked me $4,000.

You won’t probably make such an amount on every trade you place unless you use some big lot sizes, but that’s fine. It doesn’t matter. You can make a couple of hundred bucks off these trades for your Netflix subscription or whatever you want.

Live Trade Signal 4 (Buy)

The fourth live trading signal sent to my VIP group was on EURCAD. However, it didn’t go so well.

The trade initially went in my direction, but I set the break because I knew a news event was coming. When news events come, the price can spike up like it did or could go down, hitting our stop loss.

I didn’t want to take the risk on this trade, so I just set it to break even, losing me about $60, and that wasn’t the best trade management.

However, when I’m in the VIP room, I look after your accounts and don’t want to take high risks with them by setting these break evens and using good trade management. It allows your account to grow (whether funded or not), leading to success ultimately.

Live Trade Signal 5 (Buy)

I have one more trade example – a banger smashed both my take profits.

It was an excellent trade as the price was within a range.

It dipped below the range to touch a support level before pushing up. Then we had the price break through that support level, looking like a move for a liquidity grab.

After seeing some big pushes to the upside, I thought that the trend would continue up, which happened. I banked myself a good amount on this trade – the $5,800 from 66 pips in seven minutes. Phenomenal, and the VIP room all got this trade too.


If you want to join my VIP room, it’s just $45 a month. I have yearly and lifetime plans too.

I have a 4.5/5 star rating on Trustpilot. People are thrilled with the signals, as most leave a 5-star review. There are also 3-, 2-, and 1-star reviews now and then, but it’s majorly 5-star. 

People are happy with the gains, community, and what we’ve built, and I love everything we do.

Hence, if you want to join the VIP room, all you need is the Telegram app. It’s free on your mobile phone. Then follow this link to access it.

I would love to have you there, but if you don’t want to join the VIP room, I have a free trading room where we’ve won 80% of the free trading signals I’ve sent out since I restarted it.

We already have about 7,000 members, despite starting it not quite long ago.

Hence, if you’re interested in copy trading in Forex trading, check out my services. If not, I hope you enjoyed this article because I enjoyed writing it.

Share the post with friends and comment below.

Much love. 

About Patrick Ryan

Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.

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