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How to Exit Forex Trades Perfectly

In this video, I’m giving you perfect exits, So you get out of your trades with the most profits. 

You can use this profit target strategy for Forex, crypto, stocks, whatever you want. As long as you’re following the trend. My plan with the video is to get you making more money from your trades on a consistent basis, but just don’t forget about me when you’re on your yacht. 

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How to Exit Forex Trades

Look, l know how frustrating it is to have an incredible entry and a crap exit. I know you do too. Sometimes you get emotional. You leave the trade too early, or you let the trade go too long. I am going to fix that right now. Let me just pull up a chart and show you how to get the perfect exits every time. 

By the end of the video, I’m going to have you exiting trades perfectly. And if you don’t well, just leave a comment below telling me where you’re struggling and I’ll help you out. The first thing I want you to do is open your trading view account. This is easy. Once in your trading view account, just take a look at my example right here. Look, let’s say we are in a trending market. This is what a trending market looks like, right? Bing, Bing, Bing. That’s a trending market. That’s what I trade. I prefer trading the trend. 

Fibonacci Extension

Now what you want to do to use my perfect exit strategy is click on the trend based fibonacci extension. This is the Fibonacci extension. This is what I use for perfect exits all the time. Now, in order to put this on your chart, once you click on it, all you’re doing is putting it right at the beginning of the impulse right here, the end of the impulse right here, and the end of the correction, which is right here. So that is exactly what I’m going to do. 

I’m going to click on this look beginning of the impulse, That’s where I’m putting it. End of the impulse and then end of the retracement. Now this is going to give me profit targets on the screen. You can see these profit targets right here. We have the 1.3, the 6 1 8 and the 2. See if you do not have these, all you have to do is double click on this right here. And you can see the exact settings I’m using for the trend-based Fibonacci extension. 

Look, just click 1, 1.382, 1.618 and 2. These are the best levels for getting your target profits set up properly. 

Okay, so now we have it on the chart. Let me show you one time again. It’s really, really easy to do this. I’ll use it on the next one. So look, I have my trend based Fibonacci extension. I’m going to go the beginning of the impulse right here, I’m going to go the end of the impulse right here, and then I’m going to go the end of the retracement. And you can see, I have my low risk option, right? Let me just stretch that out. You can see, I have the low risk option. This is my 100%. I have my moderate risk take profit right here. I have the most commonly used 6 1 8. This is used all the time. People love this level. It’s a very popular level. And then you have your 200 as if the trend is really aggressive. If you feel really good about the trade. 

Now this is easy. And now all you really want to do is combine that with some key levels, some support and resistance, and you have some excellent exits perfect exits. Now let me show you on a live trade that I did this week.

Live Trading Example

All right, let me show you a live trading example. I’m not cherry picking this from six months ago. This is a signal I sent in the VIP group just a few days ago. So like I was talking about it’s all about impulse, end of impulse, retracement, right? Beginning of impulse, end of impulse, retracement. Then let’s get these target profit levels. Let’s figure out where we want to exit this trade, using the trend based Fibonacci extension. Boom! What do I do? I put it at the beginning of the impulse. I put it at the end of the impulse right here. And then I put it at the retracement rate here. And I stretch that along. And as you can see this coincides with my key level right here, and this also coincides with the lowest risk option on the target profit. So the target profit I gave you on this trade was perfect.

It was in line with the fi extension. It helped me figure out the take profit, but because this trend continued, I provided a target profit 2 as well. 

For my second target profit on this trade. I use these 618 and I use this key level right here. If these things are in conjunction, if we have confluence between your key levels and the Fibonacci extension, you have good target profits. Let me show you how you can do a sell as well, this isn’t just for buy trades. 

Look, you have your impulse right here. You have your end of impulse right here. You have your retracement right here. So if I take the Fibonacci  extension, we go, boom! This is the beginning of the impulse. This is the end of the impulse. This is our retracement right here. Hold it over. Boom. Now we have our target profit levels. Look, this one right here. This is a good target profit level. This is our low risk target profit level. 

Trading Exit Confluence

The second thing we want to look for is confluence. We want to look for some sort of zone, some sort of resistance, some sort of support. Look, we have a key level right here. This is a very good key level. If I scroll back, you can see here. We had support right here. We had support right here. And so if we look at this trade, this key level right here is in confluence with the Fibonacci extension, making this a really good entry. 

Now, if we look at this even closer, right? Let me just zoom right in. You can see here, Once we get a couple of these bearish candles right here, it’s still going in our direction. Look, we can see if it’s going to retest this level. And it does, it retests right around here and it might push down even further. And then you’re thinking, all right, maybe let me see if this trade’s going to go further than maybe you have your second take profit level somewhere around here. And you win that trade and you get more profits. 

This is how you win bigger trades. You have the key level. You have your Fibonacci extension. You have the confluence and you win your trades. 


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