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How I Made $9623 With The Best MACD Scalping Strategy on Vacation

I’m at the cottage this week, trading a new $50,000 trading account to make money while on vacation. I will use the best MACD scalping strategy because it’s fast and simple, and I can make money and resume relaxing.

One of the best things about trading is you can make money from anywhere from your phone or laptop. And I’ve got the best MACD scalping strategy, perfect for trading on the go for easy entries and quick wins.

I’ll show you how you can use that strategy with some of my trades on a $50,000 live trading account all week.


MACD Scalping Strategy on Vacation

I’m here at my trading station and will show you all the trades I took this week and how much money I made.

First, let me show you the best MACD scalping strategy I used to grow my trading account so you can grow your trading account too.

I’m showing the strategy on trading view, but you can easily do it on Meta Trader 4 or Meta trader 5. I use the five-minute timeframe because I’m looking for scalping trades. I want to be in and out of them quickly while scalping at the cottage. 

Next, go to the indicators tab to install the MACD. It’s the Moving Average Convergence Divergence.

Patrick Ryan showing in a small circle at the left bottom of a screenshot showing forex learners how to install the MACD indicator for the MACD scalping strategy.

The other indicator you want to install is just the EMA – the Moving Average Exponential. 

The only change we’ll make is on the moving average, so double-click the line and style it to be a bit thicker. In the inputs tab, set the length to 100 for a 100-period moving average.

It’s really that easy to install.

How The MACD Scalping Strategy Works

All I’m doing with this strategy is using a simple MACD crossover.

The first step is to identify the long-term trends, and I want the price to be above the moving average (the blue line). If it’s above that, I’m just looking for buy trades.

Then for my entry, I’m using the MACD crossover. You can see below these two lines are crossing.

That’s where I will enter my trade.

As for stop loss and take profit, I put my stop loss below the recent low. Then, I set my take profit at 1.5 times the risk.

Eventually, my first trade smashed my take profit for $3,663, a solid win using the strategy.

I bagged 8.4 pips and a risk-reward ratio of 1.5.

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Day 1 Second Trade With The Best MACD Scalping Strategy (Sell)

The first thing I did was to identify the long-term trend, and as the price went below the moving average, I looked for sell trades.

It’s really that easy.

Then all I did was to look for the MACD cross, which also pans out, and I placed my trade. 

I put my stop loss above a recent significant level. I was happy placing it there even if it could have been higher.

Then, I put my take profit below for 1.5 times the risk. Simple. 

This trade took a bit longer than the last one, but I watched it consolidate under the moving average, so I was happy to wait as long as I did. Eventually, it smashed my take profit banking me $3,546.

In Myfxbook live verified trading account, you can see after day one, I had a 14-point 11% growth on my $50,000 trading account (profit of $7,100).

You can see at the top left that it says Real with Hankotrade.

Below, you can see these are the only trades I’ve had so far.

I had the 18-pip win, and then I had the 19-pip win banking, the over $7,000.

Day one is over, and I’ve already made over $7,200 on just two scalping trades. I love this best scalping strategy because it’s just easy to use.

The entries are easy to find, and I’m making money. Now, I’m just going to enjoy the rest of my day, go for a nice hike, and I’ll see you tomorrow. 

Day 2 First Trade (Buy)

After day one, I’m up $7,000 on my $50,000 account. Let’s see how I did on day number two.

My first trade of day two didn’t go my way. I ended up losing the trade rate despite following the rules.

There was a long-term up trend as the price was above the moving average, and we had a nice MACD crossover.

I thought this would be a nice place to enter a trade. Sadly, it just did not go in my direction.

The strategy isn’t always going to work. What I could have done here to increase my chance of a win was waiting for a break of structure on an earlier swing high.

We had a higher level, so maybe we should have waited for that level right there to be broken.

It would’ve been a nice win if you did that, banking about 65 pips. Hence, using price action theories can help with this strategy.

That puts me at about $55,000.

Day 2 Second Trade (Buy)

My second trade of the day was similar to the last one.

I lost $2,680 looking for buy trades because we were above the moving average and had a MACD cross. 

I thought that that was a pretty good area to get into a trade.

In hindsight, there was a better entry available later, so if I were a bit more patient, it would’ve been the perfect entry because I would’ve been there and banked myself a potential 40 pips, maybe even more.

Again, no strategy is going to win you every single trade.

I really like this strategy, and you probably want to combine it with some price action theory to win more trades.

Hence, after two trades on day two, I was down around $4,000 to $5,000, but my third trade somewhat made up for that.

Day 2 Third Trade (Buy)

The third trade worked perfectly, banking $3,728 after smashing the take profit. Why did I take it?

I took that trade because we were in an uptrend, and the price was above the blue moving average. I had my crossover, and it was just an incredible entry.

The trade panned out exactly how I wanted it to, and that really salvaged day 2.

In Myfxbook account after day 2, I’m up almost $6,000, as seen below.

Not bad at all.

I had a couple of losses – the 31 pips and 13 pips trades, but then I made 23 pips, and with the one-and-a-half risk-reward ratio I’m using on all these trades, I ended up hitting a $3,700 profit.

It really made up for a couple of those losses.

Before recapping day two at the cottage, I wanted you to know that I’m still trading with Hankotrade.

It is the broker that I’m using for my trading. I’ve had no issues with any broker manipulation, and every time I try to get a withdrawal, it comes on time.

Thus, if you’re new to trading or you’ve been trading for a while, and you’re looking for a broker for trade with high leverage, check out Hankotrade here.

I had three trades at the end of day two, losing two of them (about $1,100), but I’m still loving this best scalping strategy because I’m up $6,100, more than paying for my vacation so far.

Day 3 Trade (Buy)

My trade this day was a buy on gold. It was a solid one that went in my direction and smashed my take profit, banking me $3,717.

Why did I take this trade?

I took the trade because, firstly price was in a long-term up trend; the price was above the moving average, and I had my MACD crossover.

Therefore, I entered the trade at this level, and it smashed the take profit for another incredible win.

In MyFXbook, you can see after three days; I had a profit of $9,623.

My goal was to hit $10,000 in the week, and I came a bit short of that, but I didn’t want to over-trade. Hence, I was happy to trade three days and return to my vacation.

There were six trades overall, and we won four out of six for a 67%-win rate. The average trade length was two hours, so I was in and out of them fast.

The last trade banked me $3,692 in one hour and 53 minutes using this incredible MACD scalping strategy.


Day three is in the books, and I hit one last scalping trade on gold that put me at $9,623 for the week (almost $10,000), so I don’t need to trade anymore. I love the strategy and think it’s easy to use.

I think it’s great for beginners, and it’s consistent when the market conditions are right.

Now it’s time for you to try the strategy and leave a comment telling me if you like it or what other ones you want to see me try next.

Lastly, this week away was incredible for my VIP community. In August, we did over 11%, another winning month. That’s six winning months in a row in the VIP room.

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Much love.

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