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Hedge Track Trader Robot Review

hedge-track-traderHedge Track Trader is a new Forex trading robot promising to make traders an average 442% profit per year. This is a new trading robot that doesn’t require any intervention or trading exeprience. The developer, Glen Martin tells us that we can easily replcate his live account.

Today I’ll be providing a thorough review so the Forex Robot Nation readers know whether or not this system can be trusted with their live accounts.

Hedge Track Trader Review

Glen Martin is a relative new comer to the Forex market and I’m interested to see what his Hedge Track Trader has to offer. The system is built to work on 20 currency pairs so there are frequently new trades. One of the added elements Martin feels gives his software an edge over the others is it’s adaptive trading technology. Martin tells us that the ability for the software to adaptive market conditions is astounding. There is no elaboration on this technology show we are not sure if it works or if it’s just a marketing ploy. Like most trading systems the trader works with small accounts, includes intuitive trade management and uses cross currency hedge protection which sounds like a unique feature. However, it is also not elaborated on.

So far I have some interest in the hedge track Trader but the website doesn’t provide me with the type of information I require. I’m looking for more information on the strategy and methodology behind the trading system. It’s very difficult for me to invest $500 with the developer I’ve never heard in a system that is an explained properly. On top of that, Martin is threatening us with a price increase after he sells 50 copies. I don’t like this type of marketing whatsoever.

I met the point with the hedge track trader where I’m interested because the my FX book account looks so impressive but I need more before I can truly give a recommendation. Please let me know what you think about the software and the developer Glen Martin. I hope that we could find out more about the software, see it run on some real trader accounts and then come to a final conclusion. Let’s work on this one as a team like we often do and figure out if this is the type of software we should be using daily with our trading accounts. Thanks for coming to Forex robot nation and I really appreciate you stopping into check out this review. If you ever need any help in the Forex trading market please click contact at the top of the page and send me an email. Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful afternoon.

Hedge Track Trader Site

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  1. I have the impression that Glen Martin is the same person who sold EAs under the name of Doug Price. RevTraderPro, ChannelTraderPro, PivottraderPro, Vortextrader, etc. All EAs are sold to a high Price and the live results after launching the EAs were all bad.

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