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GPS Forex Robot 2 – Software Update

gps forex robot 2New software update today GPS Forex Robot 2 is out. I figured I would give you some information about the new version and let users of this Forex trading system discuss it.

I will be sending in a request for the new version immediately so hopefully they respond and get some tests up soon.

Following is the information given about the new version on the site

  • What’s New in the GPS Forex Robot 2: the system will be working much faster as they have done optimizing. My guess is this means they have some more trade capabilities.
  • A new trading pair  GBPUSD, they claim this pair will be much safer to use as well.
  • They added a trailing take profit that you can take advantage of.
  • The new version of the GPS Forex Robot 2 offers the possibility to change primary parameters so that you can customize it to how you like to trade.
  • Also a feature that will hunt out optimized settings live during trading which seems quite interesting.
I hope that I will have my tests up soon so that we can see how well this new version performs.
Please leave a comment below if you use the GPS Forex Robot 2 and let us know how version 2 is doing for you.
That’s all for now guys, I will be adding more information as soon as I get it, keep up with the winning trades as always!

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  1. I am using Fabturbo2.0 but on a close monitoring as I set the multiplier much higher like 30-50 on a LRR of 2-4. the reversal seems to easily obtain profit than the usual few pips take profit.
    On several backtest using date 2007 to 2015 on EUR/USD, both AutoAnalysis=Off & On status can go bust. Other pairs can go bust as well even Autoanalysis is On if Multiplier & Lots not properly set and even if they are properly set to minimal risk, there are specific dates on the past that the EA will really blow.
    Therefore Autoanalysis is still not fool proof I think which trades once a week if True, else daily if False.
    The EA will be better off to put settings as MaxLots, Limit Losses/Profit, Hard StopLoss, Stoploss setting adjustable at Input for the reversal and a method to combat increasing drawdown before going to blow your account.

  2. anyone still using gps forex robot 2 recently?

    • hey walter wats your experience with it? comment here or email me.

      hello admin, who is now going to release the new version? is it your team or GPS Forex Team for GPS 3.0 is it like that?

      Thank you. Appreciate your updates here.

  3. I can’t believe they using Ichimoku like same strategy like FAPturbo ichimoku. the only different this EA is that GPSforexrobot has the multiplier mode. This one is the most scariest mode i’ve ever encounter with.

  4. the result looks the same like the previous version. once a junk product is always a junk product. dont waste your money. STAY AWAY FROM GPSFOREXROBOT

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