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German Banker Secrets

German Banker Secrets PageLooking at something a little different today, it is a Forex product but the sales page is very unique, so let me start with my review on the German Banker Secrets.

This will be the first of many Forex reviews today so I hope you are ready for it. First is an unknown German banker that goes by the name Norbert who claims his student went from “200 Euros all the way up to 4,754 Euros.”

So after looking at this further I notice that this isn’t even a product at all. It turns out Norbert is trying to get us to sign up for two brokerages. For each sign up he likely gets paid and thus this is his motivation for providing us with the information on the page.

German Banker Secrets Details

So what does this exactly entail? 2 steps, sign up to and then sign up to etoro. After you choose your broker it looks like you can contact Norbert the German banker for help but I really just don’t see the purpose of this.

Most of us all Metatrader4 traders and with this strategy that is not possible. I really just have to come out and say immediately that I don’t find this interesting or something that really would add any value to traders.

So there is also a strategy here that Norbert suggests, basically that “after a losing trade, make sure to place the next trade immediately.” This is part of his long term income strategy, I will show you a screen shot of the win rate the German claims.

German Banker Secrets Win Rate
Here is the potential win rate using this strategy.

German Banker Secrets Conclusion

I really have no interest in this. I don’t think you should waste your time with it either.

If I am wrong or you just want to leave a comment about this system, feel free to do so below.

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  1. Has anyone tried this out? Would it work in practice or not?

  2. Basically, it’s ANOTHER Binary Options strategy… And I’ve seen several of these floating around the internet.

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