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FXFurious – Forex Robot Review

fxfuriousFXFurious – Forex Robot Review

So there is not a lot of information on this forex system but I have gathered some. Looks to be some sort of a martingale trader, FXFurious.

Not a lot of people marketing this one, most people haven’t even heard of it.

On the page there is one forward test on myfxbook and then a bunch of forex robot backtests.  The cost of the FXFurious is $250.00 so it isn’t cheap, you can get it with either paypal or plimus.  The EA is very aggressive.  Uses a linear martingale  + grid where a new position opens up with incremental lot size increases.

The FXFurious looks like a very risky solution, and is likely not an addition you want to make to your forex trading arsenal.  It opens a lot of trades and runs 10 pairs at a time with no Stop Loss.

If you have some information about the FXFurious forex robot that you would like to add to the review feel free.  At this point we see no use in purchasing the FXFurious system so if you want to argue that, feel free.  Certainly it looks martingale and their are rarely any good martingale systems, I am not saying this is a forex strategy that can’t work because it does in some cases.  Yet, it is such a rarity that we stay away from these type of forex robots almost always.

In the meantime, check out the best forex robot tested list and feel free to browse (Fxfurious) around forex robot nation.

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