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FXCore Scalper | MetaPro Forex Software Review

FXCore Scalper | MetaPro Forex Software Review

So the MetaPro Forex team is at it again, this with their second release.  A bunch of our readers were happy with the first version, so lets see what this is about, the FXCore Scalper.

Well obviously this forex system is a scalper, this we know.

What we like about this fxcore scalper to start is that you can try it for 9 days on a free trial.  It isn’t even released yet so you get to try this out before anybody else has even really had a chance.

The system uses a new concept in scalping technology.  The fxscore scalper runs on the EURUSD, EURGBP and the GBPUSD.  There is a very small stoploss and they often provide stress free forex trading robots.

This is going to be $125.00 with a 30 day money back guarantee.  If you have any information about the fxcore scalper please feel free to add on to our review.  We hope that some of you have the time to try out the 9 day free trial and really let us know what kind of results you are seeing.

We will see if we can get someone on our staff to test out this fxcore scalper system as well and add to our review from time to time.  Please leave all your comments questions and concerns below so that we can start a conversation and hopefully get the most out of this forex trading product.

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  1. Aslam, I’m currently demoing FX Core Scalper V2.04 which was released last week. In marginal positive equity on the few trades so far. I’d really like this to work as they are the best company I’ve experienced with excellent support. As far as Alpari goes, I’ve not had problems with them. I’m running Currency Strength Meter on an Alpari account, will report back in a couple of weeks.

  2. Hey guys,
    How was March with the FxScalper and MetaPRo Forex?
    What about you Andrew? Are many guys having problems with Ea’s on Alpari accounts??? I am not too happy with things with them, there seems to be some problems with the charts also? Anyone have a similar experience or I am just imagining things????

  3. Disappointing results on my live Alpari UK account. Many SL hit (six losing trades just today) and cost of EA not even covered.

  4. We have now been running this EA on our demo account at HotForex for 2 full weeks. It covers 4 pairs and ends up making about 1-3 trades per day. After 10 trading days, it made 20 trades. Our demo account is up 10% for that two week period. Win % is about 70%. You should expect some SL with this one if you are going with the default settings. But overall, we are ahead and very pleased with it so far. The customer support is excellent and I could easily see myself going live with this one in a few weeks if it keeps going like it has so far.

  5. Bought it straight out as well and put it on a live Alpari UK account. So far 4 wins and 2 losses, but am in profit so a very respectable start. Their support is excellent, quick reply to emails and live chat is very good. Will also report back in a couple of weeks,

  6. MetaPro was always one we were going to buy because ther results looked pretty good and then they came out with this scalper that looked even better. There is a link to current FXCore account on that you can see daily results on for this one. We bought it straight out at a discount instead of the 9 day trial and put on a HotForex demo account. The first 3 trades hit SL. But the next 3 hit TP, so we are still in negative territory after about 36 hours of trading. This group provides very good support and keeps the software current with Free updates. We have high hopes for this one……will report back when we have a week or two of decent results.

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