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FX Voodoo | Forex Trading Robot Review

FX Voodoo | Forex Trading Robot Review

Today I will be uncovering some new forex software that not many people have found yet.  This is a forex robot called FX Voodoo.

No experienced required, so any forex trader is welcome.

Our Latest Verdict

After testing the FX Voodoo for some time we have found that is a mediocre EA.  It is just okay and is really not breaking any waves.  At first we were impressed but not anymore.  I suggest don’t waste your time with this one.

The forex voodoo system uses the 1 minute time frame on any currency pair you want to trade.  I am not 100% sure exactly how that will work, but this does give you the ability to test out different pairs.

You can customize fx voodoos takeprofit, stoploss, hedging and other available functions.  The amount recommended to start with is a minimum of $200.00.  Strictly works on the metatrader 4 platform.

There are a bunch of fx voodoo results available so we will show you exactly how this ea has been performing so far:

The results look outstanding so far.  At this point in time the EA looks like it is a strong contender.

We will continue to write more fx voodoo reviews.  If you have any information about this forex robot software then please feel free to leave a comment below.

We think so far that it looks good but would like to hear more from all of you about fx voodoo before we give it a shot. Or we may just buy it and start testing.

Try FX Voodoo

About Patrick Ryan

Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.


  1. I bought fxvoodoo EA on the last day of February and after a week I asked seller (Paul Andrews) what settings he is using because results on my 2 test accounts were bad under default settings. Answer was – default settings too.
    I tested further with 3rd broker even – and results were still bad.
    So I asked for refund. Mr. Andrews refused refund with argument he didn’t promise refund on his web page. Logically PayPal is supporter for these type of scammers and they refused refund too.
    So I closely look at performance of fxvoodoo comparing with my results. And interesting thing: I found why seller doesn’t have any guarantee or refund possibility and of course I found how he is scamming clients. Let me show examples:
    Under default settings losing trades are closed at -125 pips. Which is visible from his statement too:
    Here are 2 examples only which confirm he is not using default settings at all: Under ticket 13728249 bought eur/usd pair on March 2nd at price of 1.33228. This trade was closed on March 26 and result is showing +2 pips. But if we look back on chart of this pair we see that price of this pair on March 15 was 1.30032. That’s loss of -319.6 pips. Means that this trade by default settings should be stopped out at -125 pips. But seller didn’t use default settings, he even disconnected Stop Loss setting and he waited that price retrace.
    Same happened at same time on other pair gbp/usd under ticked 13728309 which he bought at price of 1.59595 and closed it at price of 1.59615 on March 27. On March 12 price was 1.56013. Means pair was in loss of -360.2 pips. Means also that trade should be closed at -125 pips already but seller cheated and he disconnected Stop Loss and he waited retrace.
    And list of his scamming action is not over. Another way of manipulation with results he perform on positive trades. Just one example: Under ticket 14161228 from March 26 he bought aud/cad pair and he closed it with +22 pips by his statement. On my account trade was closed with +2 pips only. Difference is coming from the fact that seller closed trade manually at the highest gain. But originally his product is waiting for more but on that transaction pair retraced and by default settings trade is closed with 2 pips profit what exactly happened on my trade.
    Conclusion: I gave you just few examples how seller is scamming by results. Should he show real results his product would be negative and who would buy it. That’s also the reason why on his web page has no money back guarantee which is usual for all other sellers of these products: He knows he is misleading buyers. Because of his cheating – buyers can see these differences only after purchase when we can compare real results from our accounts with results on his statement.
    There is also one misleading more: He didn’t write on his page that his product is broker sensitive and results are different (worse) with other brokers. Like at test at FPA.
    His selling way is obvious way how to sell bad product with scams.

  2. When I got the FX Voodoo V3 I put it on three demo accounts: Accent Forex, Trading Point & 4Runner Forex. After six weeks, the best one I found to run V3 was Accent. Since June 2, 2011, it’s traded 29 times with 29 winners –
    and Trading Point has had only one loss. 4Runner came in last with missed trades, but, only one loss. Accent had more trades and all winners. If you buy this EA, please, demo it on several brokers. The broker you choose will make a big difference. By the way, Accent does not accept clients from the US, but, they will give you a demo account.

  3. There is a new Version 2 just released with exceptional good result check it out on
    Just a pity the Vendor does not have a money back guarantee policy.

  4. Yes – have to agree – started off slowly but a consistent winner so far. I have yet to see it take a loss so waiting for that to happen to see what sort of damage it does to an account..but so far – all winners 🙂

  5. FxVoodoo is performing very well. It does conservative but awesome trades. Great EA.

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