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FX Unicator Review

forex-unicatorFX Unicator is a new manual trading Forex universal indicator system. The developers believe that this indicator is a Forex breakthrough because it combines two timeframes, works on all popular pairs on the same chart in just one second.

Today I’ll be providing review and letting you know if the latest innovations by this Forex developer will help you grow your trading accounts.

FX Unicator Review

the FX Unicator system is built for both scalpers and long-term traders. They built in a mechanism so traders can switch from one type of trading to another with one click of a button. The main strategic development these developers feel they made this time around is with the ability to follow trend details of 2 time frames on one chart. They believe that having the ability to check any higher timeframe will allow traders to carefully watch price tendency in 2 different time frames which will increase a traders accuracy. I don’t do a lot of manual trading lately because of the success of Forex fury but I can see how this could help manual traders.

The next element the FX Unicator developers added into this system is a safety bonus. They added a special filter that cuts off full signals and noise signals which can often because by repainting. The only issue I have with this software is a common problem with many trading systems in the Forex market. I don’t like trading systems that work on every single pair and every single time frame. The reason for this is because the developers are pretty much making us do all the work. I prefer development teams that come up with a strategy around a specific pair and timeframe because then I know that they did all the strategic development which is the hardest part. This system seems to be relying on us to do this for them.

I will not be recommending the FX Unicator to the Forex robot nation readers. I feel the development team has to finish the strategic elements of the software and give us a specific strategy. Whether that’s trading between certain hours on one timeframe and one pair that’s fine with me. If you have something you would like to add to this review please leave your questions and concerns below the article now. Thanks for coming to Forex robot nation and I hope that you have a wonderful afternoon.

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  1. i will be testing this system too, and will keep you guys update

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