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FX Turbo Trading

FX Turbo Trading is a new proprietary trading system that is been built to work on any timeframe. The system costs $97 it claims to provide simple strategies that are powerful enough to provide consistent profits while significantly reducing the potential losses.

I will provide a review of this new strategy and indicator set today so that we know what to expect from this new product.

FX Turbo Trading Review

fx turbo trading

The FX Turbo trading strategy is based on price momentum and trend analysis permutation and combinations. Been telling us this is more than any developer generally tells us about their strategies so I do respect that. For key deliverables are as follows:

  • Turbo Trend Candles
  • Turbo MA
  • Turbo Trend Levels
  • Turbo Trend

The software works with meta-trader four and is coded in the form of indicators which as you know are very popular. Let’s take a look at the trading components of the FX Turbo trading system.

When using the software the trader will have to look at the color band the bottom of the chart. When the band is green that means buy and when it is red that means sell. In order to enter the trade trader now must look for a green candle close above the Turbo MA line where the Turbo trend levels prints the green color above the zero line. Then in order to set the profit with this FX Turbo trading system the trader will have to look at the Turbo trend candles to see where the color turns from green to red. This step takes the trend and obviously went to end the trade.

Here is a screenshot that they used to help better explain what I was just talking about:

fx turbo trading components

That is about the extent of the information provided for the FX Turbo trading system. I’m sure there will be a full guide being provided and if you want to look at more trade examples you can see them on the website. However, there is not a record of trades or a trading history using this software. One of the things we have to worry about here is that the indicators to work on all time frames and pairs so it is difficult to really pin down of trading history and/or record of success.

I will not be recommending the FX Turbo trading system to Forex robot nation users today. I like how they have laid out the strategy in front of us on the sales page, it seems more professional than most. That does not mean I’m sold on the lack of trading record though and that is one thing that does concern me. If you have something you would like to add to this review please as always leave your comments below.


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