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FX Trend Predictor Review

FX-Trend-PredictorFX Trend Predictor is a new trading system by Kevin Shaw. Kevin tells us that we will get access to the same technology a top hedge fund trader used to amass nearly $2 million before he was 30.

Today I’ll review this new Forex strategy and let you know if we should trust that the system works.

Price: $37
Type: Indicator
Results: Fabricated
Pairs: Any
Timeframe: Any

FX Trend Predictor Review

It looks to me like the FX Trend Predictor is being brought to us by a Forex developer that comes out with new Forex indicator strategies once a month. The problem with this developer is that he uses fake myfxbook screen shots with every single product he releases. On the sales page we can see that it says the system is independently verified by a third party and has an 8838% gain. Yet, when we try to click on this account and view it for ourselves we cannot, making it clear there is no real myfxbook account.

There are two problems with the FX Trend predictor fake myfxbook account. Firstly, we now know that the results are fabricated and on top of this we are dealing with a developer that fabricates results. This makes it impossible for us to trust this vendor. I welcome Kevin Shaw to come to Forex Robot Nation and provide us with access to this myfxbook account. If he can’t then I won’t be recommending this system. There’s no reason for me to do a full review and analyze anything else on this web page until the results are resolved.

I will not recommending the FX Trend Predictor to the Forex Robot Nation readers. Until this developer starts treating us with respect I don’t see any point giving this a fair chance. I would rather buy a product that has no results at all over one that has fake results, because at least then I could trust the vendor. As I mentioned earlier I welcome Kevin to come here and post a comment. This web page will be on the front page of google for his product name so I’m sure he will see it. Silence will not be his best option. If you have something you would like to contribute about this product or anything Forex related at all please leave a comment below the review. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks for stopping by.

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