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FX Treasure Hunter

fx treasure hunterFX treasure hunter is a new Forex trading system that claims it will take your trading to the next level. This new software being sold by Brian Anderson for $37 is supposed to make 50 to 200 pips per day.

Today I will be providing a review and letting the Forex robot nation readers know whether or not this system has the potential it claims.

FX Treasure Hunter Review

The FX treasure Hunter is a new Forex indicator that claims to be highly profitable on the M5 and H4 timeframes. The developer claims that using his unique method the indicator will provide buy and sell signals with a 96% level of accuracy. The only time the system cannot trade successfully is during a ranging/sideways market and there will be a notification on the chart indicated with a flat horizontal line so traders know when to avoid this.

When it comes to results for the FX treasure Hunter system there are two images. The first image is what looks like a screenshot from meta-trader four and the second image is a back test equity line. From these two screenshots we can actually tell very little about this system which is not a good thing. In the mt4 screenshot we just see a bunch of trades being made at a large lot size but there are very important factors being missed like the dates and times. Without dates and times we can’t really tell if this is truly a screenshot of trades that were made by this Forex indicator strategy which certainly hurts its credibility. In the second FX treasure Hunter screenshot shows an equity line so there is really no proof that this equity line came from this indicator.

FX Treasure Hunter Results 1 FX Treasure Hunter Results 2

So obviously the main issue I have with the FX treasure hunter lies within the results. They are just not transparent enough for me to really believe that this system has the potential it claims.

At this point in time I will not be recommending the FX treasure Hunter because of these reasons I’ve outlined throughout the review. If you have tried this software or just want to give an opinion I would appreciate it if you let the Forex robot nation readers hear your thoughts below this article. Thanks for visiting today and I hope that you enjoy the website and all the articles.


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