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FX-Trading Advisor is a new Forex signal service. The traders that put together this service tell us that we can forget about complicated analysis, charts and economic events. According to their website they have experts that provide profitable trading signals and their clients can watch their accounts grow.

FX-Trading Advisor Review

The FX-Trading Advisor signals are provided to traders via email and a mobile application. The people behind the service want traders to feel comfortable with how easy the signals are to use. They also want us to believe that they are very profitable. The website claims that over the last 8 months the signal service generated over 7000 pips. That works out to over 850 pips per month. Results like these are extremely difficult to believe especially when the developer isn’t providing us with any verified proof. They don’t give us a link to my FX book or trading statements. All we get access to is an image of a chart from September 2015 until April 2016. Considering we are well into June now they should probably be updating their website more regularly.


As I look deeper down the FX-Trading Advisor site there are some screenshots of trading account statements but they are far from trustworthy. It actually looks like they may be from a my FX book account but if that’s the case then they would surely supply us the account. Considering how easy it is to provide trading account statements in full I don’t see why this developer is only giving us snippets unless they have something to hide.

The signal service comes with 6 different bonuses. Each bonus is an MT4 indicator but I don’t believe these are developed by the same people. These indicators look like they are free and can be found online.

I don’t believe that the FX-Trading Advisor is a worthwhile Forex signals service at this point in time. Without any real results I don’t see the purpose and testing this new service. There are so many Forex tools and robots in this market that are providing much more transparency and have much better track records. There are no real reviews about this system online and so it’s best that we wait until actual clients of this service come to Forex robot nation with their experiences.

Forex trading can be difficult if you go it alone but if you have the right Forex robot then you can pick up pips on a bit daily basis without having to do any of the work. Please spend some time here looking around at what works for the Forex robot nation readers. Thanks for stopping in and please leave a comment if you have something to contribute.

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