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FX Speed Trader – Forex Robot Review

FX Speed TraderToday I will uncover the details of FX Speed Trader and let you know if it is the hottest system on the market in this review. Is it really hot? Or is it cold? I will find out if this Forex robot is an account killer or not!

Tagline: Japanese Forex trading genius extracted 16 million in just 36 months!

So this FX Speed Trader sure has a lot of proof but I am not 100% on this. There is something that seems a little off about their results so I think that is where I will start the discussion on this Forex robot.

FX Speed Trader Results

Now, you can call me skeptical if you want but there is a reason why many EA’s don’t have results, this is because their Forex systems are not performing well. Yet, what happens when you find a Forex robot has too many results? Part of me tends to believe there is something a little shady about these results provided. Any system that has been performing as well as they say this has, for this long period of time should have been under my nose at some point.

NOT Independent Results:

The FX Speed Trader developers show results of a $500 account turning into a million dollars. Now, any system that good, no offence guys EVEN I wouldn’t share with anyone! So this is really my main concern when it comes to the system. It may not be warranted, and I didn’t want to do a one sided review but I thought you should at least hear this angle.

FX Speed Trader Conclusion

Be careful! This is my advice. I won’t tell you to not by the system outright and that you are making a mistake because there is no way for me to know yet. I will do my own testing on the FX Speed Trader and definitely provide independent results here in this review. If you have anything you would like to add please do so below!

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About Patrick Ryan

Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their investment goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.


  1. I’ve have pretty decent results so far with it. Enough to take it live. Microlots of course for now. =)

  2. Hey Ral dont throw it in the Trash !!!!!!!! Give it to the PIP PIG they eat most things !!!!!!


  3. Thanks Guys
    Huge dissapointment lets hope something new will make millions soon lol


  4. SpeedTrader is a looser. The fact that it doesn’t come with a dll (dynamic link library) means no effort by the programmers to protect their code. unprotected code== goes to the trash.

  5. Hi Bob

    This system worked great on release but ended up losing badly. Even after the so called updates. I have refunded this product and I know plenty of other people that have stopped using this EA.

  6. Hi

    My question is to Ral or anyone else who has used Speedtrader for a good amount of time.. Given that you have now had chance to properly use this system is it worth the hype and does it do what is says on the tin? …… Make Money!

    Many thanks

  7. Here is a useful lot size calculator I would like to share with everyone. Good for manual trading and displays on your chart as an indie.

  8. Hello Aslam,
    SL:TP ratio of 1:20 was much and EURUSD is pretty volatile these days you know..:D

  9. Hi there Ral,
    LOL!!!You have hit the nail the head and its sold only to the first 300???? Like you once said who in his right mind, would sell an EA that makes money for $ 100 bucks a throw?
    I just dont let the buggers go, if they cant keep their promises and I GET THAT REFUND.
    Anyway what has happened to your EA? It had shown Fantastic results, if I remember correctly.
    Best of luck.

  10. Most Commercial Products are Scam. The very few profitable ones are usually optimized to work only within the Refund Policy Period. After this they become almost totally useless.

    Here is an idea of how the Robot selling business work
    1) Inconsistent Forex Profit
    2) Hire a Programmer
    3) Pick a couple of indies MA, Stochastic, SD etc
    4) Permutation and Combination of settings for backtest
    5) Wow… Backtest looks great.
    6) Make up a story like “An institutional Trader gone rogue has finally revealed a secret weapon he used to net thousands of pips”. With this you can finally live the life you always wanted to ie Quit your job, Buy a new house and Car, Go to the Beach and Swim with Dolphins Blah Blah
    7) Heavy Marketing
    8) Sell 2000+ copies at $90=+180000$, 500 get refund=-45000. Net profit=$135000+
    9) What a profitable business
    10) Plan the next Scam Product.

  11. Still waiting for my refund, been over a week now.

  12. This bot is ridiculous!kept losing ……Was expecting 10% of the result they claimed on their website…..someone would be lucky enough to come out with breakeven result…..Asked for refund for all 4 pairs today….based on the result in last 3 weeks it does not even promise that it can come ahead and produce as good result as they claimed…

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