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FX Source Code

FX Source Code

Today I review FX Source Code a new Forex software by an unknown developer. I am far from impressed.

The sales page consists of a YouTube video and a couple account statements. The proof that the FX Source Code is relying on is a supposed two week span where the system earned nearly $15,000. The software is being sold for $47 on the jvzoo payment processor.

FX Source Code Details

This is an automated Forex robot. The system trades multiple pairs, EUR/JPY is the most active with other trades on the USD/CAD, NZD/USD and USD/JPY. The take profit and stoploss values seem to change with each trade. In looking at the trades I can see that the take profit actually looks higher than the stoploss. These results here are very difficult to believe, I will show you an example below.

fx source results
The results.

The YouTube video is not very impressive either. The developer urges talks about the Forex market and gives us some sort of an introduction to Forex trading. Likely this developer is going after the low hanging fruit and trying to sell to new Forex traders because this video really is aimed at that demographic of trader.

FX Source Code Conclusion

I am not going to recommend the FX Source Code Forex robot. I am not impressed by the website, the video, the results and by the overall lack of information about this Forex robot. I don’t plan on testing the system but I will watch its progress and see what the Forex community has to say.

Please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts and experiences with the FX Source Code system, I look forward to hearing what you have to say.


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  1. Had recently realized that this company is the very same Crooked ripoffs that operated black edge trading(The Ghost). It is run by Will Bingham and “Mr. FX” The results were Poor and they offered NO refund but guarantee of “great” results. Stay away if you value your money!

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