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FX SeerFX Seer is a new Forex robot the trades the EURUSD pair on the H1 timeframe. This software claims to have 15 different trading sessions that work to provide both reliability and profitability.

Today I will be taking a further look at this system in my latest review and letting you know whether or not there is any potential here.

FX Seer Review

As we can see on their website the FX Seer robot can work with a minimum deposit of $600. There isn’t a whole lot of discussion regarding the strategy on the sales page but there are a couple different results pages set up.

This Forex robot looks to of been trading since late August and it is been able to string together four positive months. In the four month period the software traded 146 times in the average trade length was a full day. The take profit varies between 20 and 40 pips on average and the stoploss floats between 60 and 110 pips on average.

The system certainly does show some promise but obviously we are still early and there is no guarantee that the FX Seer software is going to continue at this pace. Before providing a recommendation or not I would like to see the system performing at least until the new year at this rate.

I do have one large issue with this system and that is that it is very high risk. If you look at the account history you will see that this Forex robot is trading two lots on a $1000 account which could nearly wipe out the account with one bad trade.

Please let me know some of your thoughts on the FX Seer system and let’s start a discussion on this page.

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  1. It does look interesting. Only way to know is actually test it. As for risk, you cannot hold the vendor’s own risk parameter against the potential of the EA. If the risk parameter is under users’ control, that is not an issue whatsoever.

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