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FX Profits Magnet

FX profits magnet is a new Forex trading software by Joel Thompson. Joel claims that with this software you get access to the same technology the top hedge fund traders used to make over $1.7 million before he was 30 years old. With claims like this it is important that I write a review.

Today I will be providing a review and letting you know whether or not I believe to be able to gain over $1.7 million with this software.

fx profits magnet

FX Profits Magnet Review

The FX profits magnet is another software developer that is using my FX book screenshots without giving us access to the actual account. Websites that include this type of results always worried me because I am truly real they would just like us to. For all we know the screenshots can be from other my FX book accounts or they could just be totally false Photoshop. All I know is products that use this type of strategy often come up short.

myfxbook account

I hate to condemn products like FX profits magnet before you can start the review but they really don’t give me much choice considering they are using these marketing tactics. They also show screenshots from TD Bank and Bank of America with millions of dollars in earnings which again just annoys me. The strategy really isn’t discussed either it is more a story about how this guy made money and I just can’t get involved with this.

Today I will not be recommending FX profits magnet to any Forex robot nation reader. There is simply nothing positive here to go on. There is a story that doesn’t interest me and the software that is barely talked about. If you add that on top of the fake my FX book screenshots everything here just looks like a disaster to me. If you something you would like to add to this review feel free to do so below. Thank you for coming to Forex robot nation and I hope that you spend some time here.

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