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FX Profit Winner

fx-profit-winnerFX profit winner is a new Forex trading system using combinational trading algorithms and market noise filters to provide breakthrough profits. The developers of this system tell traders that this cutting edge Forex indicator is built to work for both experience traders and beginners.

Today I’ll be providing a review and advising the Forex robot nation readers on what position to take.

FX Profit Winner Review

The developers of the FX profit winner believe that it will instantly change any traders fortunes for the better. The reason they believe there indicator is profitable relies heavily on this combinational trading algorithms and three-step market noise filtration system. These technologies are not explained to us in detail, we are simply told that it works with all time frames to remove almost all fall signals. I’m really not sure how this algorithm does this and I really wish that the developer gave us some sort of an explanation.

The problem I have with the FX profit winner is an issue that I have with almost every single indicator system that hits the Forex market. I’m sure you’ve heard this rant before if you’ve been a member for Forex robot nation long. The issue with these systems is that they don’t give us a distinct enough strategies to truly dominate the markets. I appreciate the work that goes into the indicator but there needs to be more work going into the strategy afterwards. They are basically giving us an indicator and telling us it works on all time frames and pairs. From here it’s up to us to figure out which time frames and pairs it actually works on. I do not like this approach because it puts too much pressure on the trader and I feel that the developer needs to do more the legwork.

I cannot recommend the FX profit winner to the Forex robot nation community for the reasons I highlighted above. If the development team wants the readers of this blog to get involved with their software they will have to come here and explain a specific strategy we can take advantage of. I’m not sending any of my readers on a wild goose chase to try and seek out a Forex strategy of their own. If there something you would like to contribute to this article please leave your comments and questions below. I’ll is appreciate hearing from you and hope that you click the contact form at the top right of the website and send me a personal email sometime. To all my Canadian readers, happy Canada Day.

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