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FX Profit Thunder

fx-profit-thunderFX Profit Thunder is a new Forex formula built to help optimize trading results. The developers of the software believe that their formula makes earning money and trading currencies easier than it’s ever been before.

Today I’ll be providing a review and letting you know whether or not Kyle Neal’s thunder software is worth the $37 price of admission.

FX Profit Thunder Review

The developer of the FX profit thunder software is a relatively unknown in the Forex market, Kyle Neal. Kyle tells us that he’s been using his trading strategy to make an average of $1500 a day. The preface is that by saying that while the amount of money traders make with the strategy will depend on the account size and other factors, the potential is unlimited. I’m not sure what he means by other factors but that’s certainly something I would like to be explained a little further. Like most other Forex trading systems in this market cow is adamant that traders with no experience at all will have no you issues using his software.

While the story is impressive, the FX profit thunder is not unscathed by red flags. This developer is using a strategy that I thought was long gone years ago. Kyle has multiple screenshots of a my FX book account but in my opinion these screenshots are fabricated because they cannot be verified. Considering that my FX book is a third-party website there is no reason for Kyle to hide the link. Instead of using the widgets on the website, he provides a couple of screenshots so we can’t actually go to the website and view the account for ourselves. While this account may be real, in my history in dealing with developers who use my FX book screenshots that’s never been the case.

Today I won’t be recommending FX profit thunder for one simple reason. Kyle is using deceptive marketing practices to promote the software. If there truly is a my FX book account showing the strategy that there’s no reason why Kyle should be hiding it from us. If you would like to add a comment or question to this review you can do so now and I would appreciate it if you did. I hope this review was informative and that it helped you understand whether or not this is a worthwhile investment opportunity. I appreciate the time you spend here at Forex robot nation and hope that you come back again soon.

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