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FX Profit Rush Review

fx profit rushFX Profit Rush is a new $1.8 million Forex secret that’s been built to help traders discover how they can accurately predict and profit from explosive currency moves before 99% of other traders. The developer of this system wants to show traders how to make as much as $2,000 to $3,000 per day trading Forex from home.

Today I will be reviewing the Rush system and letting the Forex Robot Nation readers understand their best course of action.

FX Profit Rush Review

The developers of the FX Profit Rush software tell us that their system alerts traders when smart money from the big institutional traders of banks and hedge funds enter the market. They say it’s like being tipped off by a casino dealer at a black jack table so that you can load up your bets when the optimal scenarios are laid out. It isn’t explained how a Forex indicator does this and I’m really not sure how this would be done, so it may just be a story. The developer of the software is Connor Jackson who considers himself to be a renegade trader that used to work for a powerful hedge fund in Connecticut. He tells us that he made $950,000 in his first year because he found a way to determine where any currency pair would likely go before any major economic announcement.

The Fx Profit Rush story is long, exhausting and sounds like any other story I’ve heard in this market 100 times. What I’m most interested in is the results, if Connor can back it up then I’m on board. Sadly, the only results we see are a couple images of myfxbook screenshots. This does not prove that the software works. There is no way that we can say that the rush indicator was used to in any of these trades as there is no official statement or account for us to visit. It’s starting to look like this system is all story and no substance.

I will not be recommending FX Profit Rush to the Forex Robot Nation community. This developer does not back up his claims and that really leaves me with a sour taste in my mouth. Connor should spend less time telling us about his illustrious career as a hedge fund trader and more time focuses on providing us with trading proof. If you have something you would like to add please leave your comments and questions below. If you need personal help feel free to send me an email at any time.

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