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FX Profit Cascade Review

FX-Profit-CascadeFX Profit Cascade is a new Forex strategy by Herman Berg, a man who claims to make at least $500 a day with a system that can be learned in less than 20 minutes. Herman is promising a 92% winning ratio in “less time than it takes from the atm machine.”

Today I’ll review the potential of this new strategy and have the Forex Robot Nation readers leave their opinions below the article.

FX Profit Cascade Review

The FX profit cascade website is very similar to a specific developer in this market that releases Forex indicators every 3 to 4 weeks. The problem with this developer is that they consistently use fake my FX book screenshots to try and validate the efficiency of their product. We can see the top of the page there is an image that shows us a my FX book account that is gained over 4200%. Yet, when we try to click on this account or search on my FX book manually to try and find this account it does not exist. There is no reason for the developer to hide this account from us if it truly is real and considering my FX book is a public website there is no reason for me not to be able to find this.

Considering the FX profit cascade developer uses this type of strategy right at the top of the webpage it’s very difficult to believe anything he says underneath this. The rest of the results on this website are screenshots of charts that show trades that it made hundreds of pips but there is no larger sample size of trades for us to analyze.

There is no reason for us to get involved with the FX Profit Cascade software until Herman stopped using fake results and starts being honest with us. Here at Forex robot nation we don’t have high expectations. We just want simple trading solutions that can we can rely on to grow our accounts consistently. We are not asking for systems that can make us rich overnight, that isn’t the goal here. Please let me know what you think about Herman’s latest product and if you think that I misjudged it, or hit it right on the head. Thanks for coming to Forex robot nation and I hope that you enjoyed this review.

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