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FX Pips Raider

fx pips raiderFX pips raider is a new Forex strategy that was developed to win 90% of trades and earn between $250 and $1000 a day. These are some pretty high expectations from the developer Michael Swanson a young man it started Forex trading and senior year of his college education.

Today I’ll be providing a review and letting the Forex robot nation community understand my thoughts and preferences.

FX Pips Raider Review

The FX pips raider is very similar to many Forex products that are released lately. I have a sneaking suspicion that this is the exact same developer that has been releasing many trading systems. The website design is the exact same with a video at the top and then a my FX book screenshot below. Sadly, the my FX book screenshot is not clickable and thus we are not able to access the actual results. This leads me to believe that there aren’t any.

There is very little discussion about the FX pips raider strategy. Although it is really discussed is a story about the developer and how much money he’s making now. Systems like these are the goal is to use of marketing to attract customers usually fail in the Forex market. These investments are as well thought out and you can tell because real strategists will give inclinations of how the software is to function.

I will not be recommending the FX pips raider in this review. There are way too many red flags and issues that I’ve come across quickly. I hope this developer starts to put together products that are long-lasting and not just monthly trading systems. If you something you would like to add to this review please leave your thoughts below. If you need any help in Forex please send me a personal email by going to the contact page.

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