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FX Pips Machine

FX pips machine is a new manual Forex trading strategy which aims to win 92% of all trades. The developer of the software (Paul Myers) believes that traders can use the system to immediately start making nearly $2000 a day or more.

Today I will analyze and review this manual trading strategy and define whether or not it has true potential.

fx pips machine

FX Pips Machine Review

The FX Pips Machine sales page itself is reminiscent again to another developer that has been releasing 3 to 4 new systems per month. There is a large part of me that believes that this is that same developer and that does not bode well for this product. One of the elements that this developer always has at the beginning of the page is a video that looks exactly like the one on this page.

Another element that makes me believe the FX pips machine is from the same developer is the fact that they provide a my FX book screenshot that cannot be accessed. The screenshot shows that Paul Myers has an account with think Forex and that it has gained over 6000%. The problem with this screenshot is we cannot actually access the my FX book account to verify it is a real account and we cannot see the dates. This can easily be an account for another software or another trader with minimal changes being required.

fx pips machine screen shot

The strategy isn’t explained in depth for obvious reasons but we can take a look at what the FX pips machine does offer. This product provides manual Forex trading strategies, a complete risk management system and a unique trade assistant software that works hand-in-hand with the strategies to automate some of the buy and sell alerts.

I will not be recommending the FX pips machine to any Forex robot nation readers. I truly believe that this is from that same developer that is been releasing junk over the last six months and I do not want to support him in any way. If you have something you would like to contribute to this review please leave all of your comments below, I appreciate your thoughts and questions.

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  1. It is pretty easy to create an indicator that happens after the market has made a move already. Talk about lagging,, this one moves the bar. Bad

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