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FX Ideal System Review

fx-ideal-systemFX Ideal System is a new Forex formula that makes earning money from currencies easier than it’s ever been before. The program is developed by a trader named Robert Lewis and he claims that his system can automatically make $1500 a day.

Today I’ll be reviewing the potential of the software so that the Forex robot nation readers make the right purchasing decision.

FX Ideal System Review

Robert tells us that the FX ideal system is built for traders who are thinking about trading Forex or those who are currently struggling to make money in the Forex market. Well I trade Forex and I do it quite successfully so I’m quite disappointed that they aren’t interested in having me on board. Regardless, the website theme is very similar to one I’ve seen in the creation of many Forex products. I also the same issue with these products and the developers never seem to care because they always seem to do the exact same thing with their next launch. What is that that bothers me? Fake my FX book screenshots. Instead of providing us with real results all we get is a screenshot of a my FX book account that doesn’t include dates or any actual proof. Is my belief that these my FX book screenshots are being created in Photoshop or they just being taken from other systems.

Until Robert provides me with real results for the FX ideal system and doesn’t beat around the bush with fake my FX book screenshots I’m never going to give him a good recommendation. The website shows us snapshots of back tests and MT 4 live screenshots but we can never ever click on any of these links and go to the actual websites to verify their existence.

I might as well To the end of this review because there’s no reason for me to keep talking about the FX ideal system when I just don’t believe in it. This developer needs to give us more serious trading results. Screenshots and Photoshop images of my FX book accounts don’t cut it 2 years ago and they certainly don’t cut it now. I don’t want to be harsh but it’s a Friday afternoon and I’m tired of writing reviews about systems that are going to impact our accounts positively. If you’re looking to make money in Forex check out the top rated systems on the right-hand side of this page. If you have anything you would like to add to this review please leave your comments below the article now.

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  1. FX Ideal system do you have a EA for that indicator. How much is that EA cost.

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