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FX Hybrid Profits – User Reviews

fx hybrid profitsHey all, FX Hybrid Profits just hit the market and I have all the details including user reviews and results. The developers claim that this is truly a revolutionary software but of course I will get to the bottom of that.

Tagline: Breakthrough mt4 software makes us $28,783 each month using secret price-action patterns 99.7% of traders simply ignore!

So what do we have here, is FX Hybrid Profits worth it or not? Let’s go over some of the details these Forex developers believe it important you know.

  • There is nothing to figure out, just add a simple 7 minute twist to what you already know and you have FX Hybrid Profits.
  • There is no upfront investment, there is no spend money to make money clause involved.
  • No technical experience is needed.

FX Hybrid Profits Results

So how does this system trade? Well, it is really quite difficult to really know because there currently aren’t any independent FX Hybrid Profits results anywhere just yet. The software is new so hopefully we can get a copy and provide this information to you. There are quite a few screen shots on the site that provide hypothetical results, but nothing really tangible.

FX Hybrid Profits Conclusion

It really does feel too early for me to come to a final decision on this FX Hybrid Profits software so soon. There is little information outside of the sales page and that generally isn’t the best source of information. There are little to no results and a bunch of screen shots that only provide us with hints as to how the system will trade.

If you have any information on FX Hybrid Profits please feel free to share them with us. We have a section below for all Forex user reviews to be submitted.

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  1. See there website has been updated sinced I purchased. Now it clearly states its a signal and the other misleading info has been removed. Requested my refund so see if I will get it.

  2. I wasted my money on this. There sales page is very misleading. It only gives you buy and sell signals which are not very accurate all the time. Example you get a sell signal but price goes up, a few minutes later you get another sell signal but the price is still going up. Yet later again you get your third sell signal but the price is still going up. There are buy and sell signals that look good but to many inconsistencies. I bought this Saterday night to test on Meta trader strategy tester. I first thought this was an EA(Due to there poor website ) as they said it supports many platforms and works on windows, linux and OS. Sounded like an external program that attaches to metatrader.

    OK so after getting it I realized its a indicator that only generates trade signals with suggested S/L. Even though some buy and sell signals were a miss on all the charts I attached it to I was willing to give it a go on Demo when markets opened before making a final decision.

    So here is the major reason this is a crappy product. So when testing on my demo account my mt4 platform kept on freezing and stops responding. First thought it was my pc but it was not. Closed all the charts and only kept the GBP/USD open, nothing else running on computer only the metatrader platform. As soon as you attach to chart the platform starts to freeze. It freezes a fews seconds then comes right again. But starts to freeze again within 2-3 seconds. You remove the indicator then the platform operates as normal. You can open many charts and have 2-3 robots running without any hassles. After some further investigation I noticed that when the chart is quite(Not many price movements) everything is fine but as soon as the candle sticks start moving up and down the p[latform freezes and thats why it did not do it over the weekend.

    Will be asking for a refund.!!!!! Look I dont mind having signals go south as no system is perfect but when it cause your system to freeze then its not good. My demo account is in a mess as I attached it to an hour chart so gave it about an hour to generates signals but not knowing about the frezzing issues which prevented my other EA’s buying and selling and closing there orders correctly.


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