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FX Hiway

Well it looks like I have another new Forex product review today, Jason Sweezey’s FX Hiway.

First let me start by saying Jason has been in the Forex market for some time now and has developed a trust within the community. Jason is always willing to put his name behind his products and that is something that I notice.

I’ve created a short video about the product as well so you can check that out here:

This new product is a scalping tool, in specific it is a indicator, strategy guide and quick execution tool. The software on your chart looks like it does in the example provided below so take a look.

FX-Hiway On Chart
How the software looks.


The FX Hiway certainly looks unique. It supports three different time frames (H1,M15,M5). The system also notifies users of the spread and the current trend strength direction. I usually don’t get involved with indicators but the way Jason has put together this product is certainly making me consider it this time.

Then we also have the FX Hiway quick execution tool. This is very basic but can be helpful, it just adds a pop-up on your chart that allows you to quickly place your trades. As Jason says “every 30 milliseconds counts when you are scalping the market.”

FX Hiway Conclusion

At nearly $67 I think that Jason Sweezey’s latest product is worth a shot. Obviously if you’re not into indicators this probably isn’t your thing but if you like manually trading then I don’t see why not give FX Hiway a chance.

As always if you have anything you would like to add please leave a comment below, look forward to hearing from you.

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