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FX Head Fake – Tom Strignano

Hey traders, hope all your forex trading is going well lately. I have had a good week up a few hundred pips :). Today I will be discussing and looking at a new system by Tom Strignano, FX Head Fake.

So the main page for this forex product is a video, and discusses a forex system over a beer with Tom.

All the details are inside the FX Head Fake video, there is nothing else on the web page, so if you want to learn about this system you basically have to watch the video. Which is fine, as long as you have a few minutes to kill listening to Tom talk.

This is actually one of Tom Strignano’s older systems but according to Tom he has been asked by his followers to re release FX Head Fake so others could use it as well. Built strictly for dedicated traders that want to learn the inner workings of the Forex market. There will only be 300 copies of this fx head fake made available.

This was developed when he was a chief trader at a certain bank. He didn’t want to re-release the product but he is doing it anyways.

I really hope that more information comes to ahead about this fx head fake soon. I am quite interested in the prospect of this system but I would like to hear a little more before I buy it.

If you have any information about FX Head Fake leave a comment below.

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fx head fake

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  1. Of course I’m right. I was/used to follow this guy since last year or so. This was free as well as Confidante! Guess I should’ve taken advantage of it but I was still a novice and didn’t even bother.

  2. Now it’s $500.

    That’s a joke if your right N L

  3. I believe this was 100% free at one time.

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