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FX Flash Review

No logo so I had to improvise.

We haven’t heard from the overdrive team in years but it does look like they may have something here with this new $47 system. On the site they have some back test images but also provide a myfxbook account.

Running on a real account this system trades mostly pairs outside of the majors. Flash focuses on AUDJPY, GBPUSD, NZDUSD,USDCAD,EURJPY and USDCHF (quite a lot of pairs).

They discuss this more in detail on their site as they mention they have 16 different systems available. It looks like this doesn’t trade often but it has a pretty good level of success.

They have been able to grow their account 18% in the month of February with 41 total trades, which is quite a few because it is trading on so many different currency pairs. While systems with a price this low always seem to good to be true I am very interested in testing this system for myself.

I might make a video on this one once I get my hands on it but for now I am going to leave the FX Flash review as is. If you have any information on this system you would like to contribute please leave a comment below.

I will show you one of the tests that Flash has provided for us to look at below.

A backtest provided by the Flash team.

That’s it for now. Keep winning and let me know your thoughts on FX Flash.

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