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FX Detonator

FX detonator is a new deadly accurate laser targeted Forex strategy the forces markets to deposit easy cash into traders accounts like broken slot machines. Simon Warner the developer of the system believes that regardless of how many losses you’ve had in the past it doesn’t matter anymore.

Today I’ll be providing a review of this software and letting you know whether or not I think this is worth your time and money.

fx detonator

FX Detonator Review

Well it looks like our favorite developer is back again and this new product FX detonator is following the same template as many products that came before it. By this of course I mean that there is a developer on the market that is releasing a new piece of software every month sometimes every few weeks with the exact same marketing strategy. With this many systems coming out in such a short period of time it is hard for me to believe that they are actually good systems. The best developers stick with 1 to 2 systems per year if not longer and really continue to upgrade and make that system better over time.

One of the main problems I have with the developer of the FX detonator system is their use of my FX book screenshots. While they claim to have consistent growth from third-party verified results they never actually give us access to them. It’s getting to the point now where there’s a screenshot showing a my FX book account but it doesn’t include the dates or anything else in the screenshot. There is just no proof that this is FX detonator at all.

fx detonator myfxbook screen shot

With purchase of the FX detonator system you receive a price action based strategy that makes use of indicators to achieve a winning ratio of 91% according to the developers. You will also receive a scalping system called the scalper mastery X which tries to grab a quick winners.

FX Detonator Conclusion

I will not be recommending the FX detonator today because of all of the reasons I highlighted above. I don’t believe that this vendor is serious in making real trading strategies and he certainly doesn’t seem serious about providing us with real results.

If you something you would like to add to this review please leave your comments below, everyone here at Forex robot nation would appreciate your thoughts on the FX detonator.


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