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FX Crash Course – Forex G6 System Review

fx crash course forex g6 systemFX Crash Course – Forex G6 System Review

This is a new program that is beginning to get a lot of attention so I thought I would investigate and give you a place to talk about it. Today I will be looking at, and reviewing all the different elements  of the FX Crash Course.

Everything you have learned about forex trading is dead wrong! unlock the key to forex riches and discover the most comprehensive and easiest profitable forex trading system on the market!

So of course that is the fx crash course sales pitch. I notice now in looking at this more that it has two names the other being the Forex G6 System. This is the product that they want you to purchase.

Well a pleasant surprise here is that the fx crash course forex g6 system actually is providing some live trading results. These results look quite insane with lot sizes as large as 50 but at least they have something to show us. It is hard to relate with lot sizes that large but it looks like it grabs pips from different pairs very well.

The forex g6 system part of the fx crash course does not trade often but it has many more wins than losses in looking at these results.

So what do you get with the fx crash course program?

  • Forex G6 System – This is a manual trading program used to grab easy pips.
  • Forex Trade Sitter Pro – This is a software that will help you set up trade automation according to your needs.
  • FX Crash Course – This is the ebook that started the whole journey. Good to get a grasp and start making moves in the forex market.

The cost of the fx crash course is Two payments of $98.50. We will have more information on the fx crash course and the forex g6 system moving forward. If you would like to add to the review please leave a comment below with your experiences or concerns with the forex g6 system fx crash course.

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fx crash course forex g6 system

About Patrick Ryan

Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.


  1. I have just read the blurb above that states that it may trade too often but has more winners than losers. This is correct 80 winners to 32 losers. However, the net gain in pips is -1.4, that is minus 1.4. So, the total value for the losers far outweighs any winners!!
    Check the Live account on the web-site, although it may have been removed by now or had the numbers changed like a system I commented on the other day.

  2. I would hold off for a while until the vendors have fully explained why their system lost $114,340 on the live account on their web-page. Did you not investigate their account and web page fully?
    I downloaded their Live account results into Excel and verified the $114,340 loss in just over a month. I contacted the vendor about this and they corroborated the results and stated that there was indeed a loss in the account of $114,340.78.
    I am sure that they will post an explanation. They informed me that it was due to a new replicator they were trying out and that they were checking latency. I feel that this does fully excuse such a large loss in the account.
    Further, if you check the results of one of the beta testers you will notice that they drastically reduce their lot sizes to avoid blowing their account.
    I am not saying that it is useful for your education in Fx but one should really fully investigate a system fully before laying out hard earned cash. If they say that there are just a few spots left then DO NOT purchase. This is just a tactic to get one to buy before fully investigating the system.

  3. Picked G6 up a few days ago, works great. Easy to follow. Still trying to find someone feedback from other. I have it on my demo but have not gone live. Anybody have some input?

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