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Today I’m looking at a scalping system by newcomer James O’Reilly that goes by the name of FX Capitalist.

What is different about this software is that while it is a scalper, it works on a higher time frame. FX Capitalist  EA uses a risk reward of 1:4 and trades automatically on the EUR/USD pair. There is also an advanced version of the software that allows for more customization and a monthly preset service which gives access to new settings on a monthly basis. That being said, the cost for the software is $87 and it is being sold on the ClickBank payment processor.

Please watch my video review of this new product so that you can get a better understanding of how it works and what its all about.

fx capitalist

So there are a few things I go over in the video that I will further discuss here. My first notion when looking at a Forex robot is to hunt down the results. In trying to do so, I am afraid I came up empty handed, no mt4live, no myfxbook and just a screen shot of a back test.

While I don’t like to totally condemn an EA to a slow death after noting their are no results I can’t really recommend a software that doesn’t give some sort of real indication of performance. So, at this point we are going to have to wait for our amazing Forex Robot Nation users to come through and provide us with their results. I have also contacted James so I expect to get my own results up on this one as well.

So that’s it for now, if you need any help send me an email, if you have anything to contribute just write a comment about FX Capitalist below.


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  1. Jonny, after watching this EA for sometime, your assumptions are incorrect. I’m seeing good feedback on other forums.

  2. And this system clearly will give you a ton of successive losing trades since SL is 4 pips. Most people including myself will find that a complete waste of time and money. Plus, why don’t these vendors have verified accounts? Just attach an EA Publisher from MT4i to their charts. Just delay the trades publishing by 24 hours. None of them can still give us this simple thing. We don’t need investor passwords anymore… MT4i publishing EA will do just fine including verifying that it is a real account.

  3. Ya, but real account trades are marked private. And not too impressive either.

  4. Hi, I’ve founded a myfxbook results page… and seems not too good till now…
    You can see performances here….

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