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FX Bringer

fx bringerFX bringer is a new automated Forex robot the trades three pairs on three different type of risk profiles. This system focuses on diversifying trades and the developer claims can earn up to 150% per month.

Today I’ll be providing a review and letting the Forex robot nation readers see the potential benefits of this software.

FX Bringer Review

With the lowest price being $225 the FX bringer software is certainly expensive and thus requires an in-depth look. The developers of the software have multiple my FX book accounts on the website that show the software growing at a steady rate on two different accounts. One of the accounts is more aggressive and the other uses a normal risk profile. These accounts show a fairly large draw down with the aggressive account being at 50% and the normal account being over 20%. This is obviously something that is a little concerning for me.

The FX bringer is a time-based entry system which is very interesting because this is rare in the Forex robot market. While the performance looks impressive the risk is certainly unclear because the developer keeps the open trades private. Some of the traders I’ve talked to believe that the stoploss is too large. Others believe that this is actually an updated version of FXSEER.

My first impression of the FX bringer is that there is some risk that this software so I’m not going to give it an initial recommendation. This is a system I would like to test on my own or have some of the Forex robot nation readers tell me about their experiences. Please let me know your thoughts and if you’re trying to succeed in Forex spend some time on my website and look at some of the winning options we’ve put together. Thanks for coming to Forex robot nation today and I hope that you enjoyed your stay.

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