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FX Auto Trader Elite

fx auto trader elite

FX auto trader elite is a new Forex robot developed to provide traders with an easier way to make money from their personal trading plans. The system is being sold for $200 through the click bank payment processor.

Today I will be providing a review for the Forex robot nation readers and allowing them to provide their own insights as well.

FX Auto Trader Elite Review

In looking at the sales page for a few moments the FX auto trader elite goes through the story sales approach as opposed to the results oriented approach that appeals to me. The first quarter of the website just discusses his past failures with automated trading systems and the frustrations she’s had which to me is meaningless. The developers push consistently throughout the sales page that the system can be used to trade any way a trader wants using their own strategies.

The software really comes across like something that isn’t finished. When a trader purchases the FX auto trader elite they have to adjust indicators, choose currency pairs, set take profits and stop losses and even choose from a broad range of exit and entry rules. When a Forex robot is being sold these are the things the traders are paying for so they don’t have to figure out their own strategy. I appreciate customize Asian but I feel like this is going a little past that and putting too much onus on the trader.

fx auto trader elite results

As for any strategy or results using the FX auto trader elite, they simply don’t exist. The developer of this software seems like they’re trying to sell us an unfinished product for hundred $97 which to me just doesn’t come across right.

At this point in time I’m not going to be able to recommend the FX auto trader elite to the Forex robot nation members. I just don’t believe the developer of this software has really put forth a strong effort into saying his vision or in providing me with the information I need to help my readers make the right decision. If you have something you would like to contribute to this review please leave your comments below, as always they are appreciated.

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