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fx-arcanumFX Arcanum is a manual Forex trading strategy the can be traded 3 ways, conservative, standard or aggressive. The system is starting to generate some interest in the Forex market because of the developers contributions to Forex forums. The developer posted daily trade updates for about a month in December on Forex factory but hasn’t continued this marketing effort.

Today I will be taking a close look at this Forex strategy in doing my due diligence to make sure that the product is still being supported.

FX Arcanum Review

The concept of human emotion and the “wisdom of the crowd” is very important to the FX Arcanum strategies. We are told that the human psyche impacts the behavior of exchange rates and that fear or greed and desire are all reasons that set currencies in motion. They believe that by monitoring groups of investors they can better predict price direction with a very high probability. This is an interesting concept and it’s one that has been used in an attempt to predict market movement for some time. Personally, I have never used this methodology but it is certainly something worth looking into and if the developer of this product believes he has a Forex strategy mastered based on this concept, I’ll listen.


The FX Arcanum strategy “is a unique system which puts a strong emphasis on analyzing the behavior of the market and traders.” The strategy focuses on dynamic levels which changes alongside investor interest. There is a minute and a half long video on the webpage that tries to tie all these concepts together and show us exactly how the system works on a chart. Sadly, the video uses a music bed instead of been actual voice which makes it very hard to understand. I prefer videos with the narrator that’s willing to walk me through the entire process. This isn’t the end of the world, but it makes it difficult for me to move forward with the strategy.

Much to my surprise, there is no track record or trading results for this manual trading strategy. Considering the developer posted a months worth of daily trade signals on Forex factory, it’s weird that there aren’t any results on the sales page.

As of right now I won’t be investing in the FX Arcanum trading strategy. There are certainly impressive aspects of the sales page and I appreciate the transparent approach in explaining the trading methodology but I’m left wanting more. Before investing in the system I would want to see more trading results and some potential live trade videos for me to follow along with. When this is made available I will consider changing my opinion.

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  1. I’m really not buying FX Arcanum. It’s odd that they have barely any results after all this time.

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