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Free Indicator Review: Quantum Breaker

Today I’m looking at a free Forex indicator that claims to provide traders with buy and sell signals with an 87.73% accuracy rate, Quantum Breaker. The entire purpose of the website is to provide traders with this tool, and in the process acquire emails so that they can advertise services to these traders at a later date. As long as the free tool is worthwhile, I see no issue in collecting emails.

There is no information on who has created this indicator, and what they plan to promote to traders that register. The email subscription form shows a headquarters address of 2220 Meridian Blvd, Minden, NV, 89423. Traders can email if they have any questions.


Quantum Breaker Review

The promotions page is very simple because the creators of this program are focused on getting emails and pushing the software out to the market. The few things we know, are that they promise an 87.73% accuracy rate and believe that they could sell their indicator for $299. Neither of these statistics can be proven by the developers of the Quantum Breaker system.

I say this, because there are no trading results anywhere on the website. Just a few facts about the software, and what it has to offer. There is no real proof of performance, so I don’t believe that the creators of the indicator should be advertising a success rate at all.


  • Type: Forex Indicator
  • Price: Free
  • Strategy: QQE and RSI
  • Timeframe: All Timeframes
  • Pairs: All Pairs

When it comes to the strategy, the developers tell us 3 facts. They inform us that the system filters out bad signals by qualitative evaluations, that the histogram shows market momentum, and that the system uses both to QQE and RSI principles. What impact any of this has on the strategy, or the software isn’t exactly explained in any detail.

We are told that we can catch large market swings, trade any pair and timeframe without having to worry about a repainting indicator causing any issues.

Trading Results

There are no trading results for the Quantum Breaker software. There are also no reviews anywhere online, so it’s really difficult to get a grasp on whether or not this indicator is worth our time. With that being said, I did install the indicator myself just last week and decided to give it a couple of opportunities to see how it would perform.

While I could see some benefit of the software, I feel like this strategy just isn’t flushed out enough. I had a very difficult time deciding what time frames and what pairs would be successful with this trading strategy. Sure, if I had hundreds of hours to test and build the strategy with this system I could probably have some success, but I’d rather the developers of the system provide that information for us.


It’s really difficult to say whether or not this software is going to perform the way it should. While the Quantum Breaker showed some promise in my performance testing, I believe that it is far from a completed tool. The creators need to figure out what time frames and pairs work well with this system before they release it to the market. This is likely why they are giving the indicator away for free, because it is not a finished project. With all that being said, it is a free tool so it wouldn’t hurt you to sign up but I don’t believe that it would be worth your time.

Thank you for stopping by, and please let me know if you have anything you would like to add.

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  1. where is the download link

  2. Dear Associates:

    May I get a copy of the exe and mql file for the Quantum Breaker?


    Best Regards,


  3. Ipossible to install under Mt4 version 1090 and later. Keeps spitting out “cannot access ……” error messages.
    Waste of time and money (because time IS money”

  4. Please post this indicator here. It is free, but i was unable to download it from its original website. Thank you in advance!

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