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Fortress Fund Knight Capital Markets Review

Fortress-FundFortress fund in the knight capital markets broker is together a managed Forex account program. The developers of the system claim that they use a multi-algorithmic strategy that has produced a compound return of over 21,000% during the last 3 years.

Today I will be providing a review and analyzing the market feedback so that the Forex robot nation readers understand if this is a worthwhile investment opportunity.

Fortress Fund Review

In order to sign up with the Fortress fund managed FX program traders have to deposit a minimum of $3000 with the Knight Capital Markets brokerage. The developers charge a 12% monthly performance fee on all accounts except for those that deposit over $10,000. Traders that deposit over $10,000 will have no performance fee for their first 60 days. The trading strategy the analysts use is a combination of trend following and mean reversion alongside evaluation of pure statistical price patterns. The written information being provided is impressive and the my FX book account shows millions of dollars in a real account. Although are we seeing the full picture?

According to many of the readers of Forex peace Army the Fortress fund and Knight capital markets broker cannot be trusted. There are a few different elements that they have pointed out. Many traders believe that both of these companies are connected and are posing as two well-known companies so that they are associated with their reputations. There are quite a few traders that it pointed out that the my FX book account is 3 years old but when they researched the Knight brokerage it was only created within the last 2 years. So considering the brokerage is 2 years old, there is no way the Fortress my FX book account could have 3 years what the results. Many traders online believe that the results are an uploaded back test and that this brokerage can not be trusted.

While I haven’t tested the Fortress fund or the Knight capital markets brokerage I can’t see myself going down that path. There is a large amount of skepticism online about this program and there’s just not enough positivity for me to spend $3000 to test its legitimacy. If you have used this system or you have any information you would like to share please leave your thoughts below the review now. Thanks for coming to Forex robot nation and I hope that this review helps you understand the pluses and minuses of this new managed account program.

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  1. I’ve read a lot about this and I’m certainly skeptical.

    Plus $3000 is a lot of money to risk.

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