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Forex Venture Bot

Forex venture bot is a new automated Forex robot. Developers of the software claim that an aspiring football player injured his knee and generated over 8000% in profit on $500 deposit in less than 2 years.

Today I’ll be providing a genuine and reliable review for the Forex robot nation readers and anyone else who lands on this page.

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Forex Venture Bot Review

First, I’m really not sure why the people behind Forex venture bot gave us this story about an aspiring football player who injured his knee. My guess is that this is a very common injury which makes it a relatable story. I’m really surprised to see this system just being released now considering they have a my FX book account that is been running for such a long period of time. We can see on this page that the developers have taken a $500 deposit and turned it into over $40,000. This is a very impressive return.

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The drawdown for the Forex venture bot is a tech over 25% and in this two-year period of time the software is traded 224 times. In taking a closer look at the history we can see that the Forex robot is focused on the EURUSD pair. Yet, the pip gains can be very erratic. In analyzing the results I see trades that are winning anywhere from 1 pip to 224 pips which is an extremely large gap and not something you see frequently with Forex robots.

At this point in time I’m interested in the Forex venture bot. At $297 I’m likely not going to purchase the software right away the keep the conversation going here at Forex robot nation. If you use the software or you are currently testing it please leave your comments below and let me know how well it’s performing for you. I would like to see some real user results before diving in myself. If you need any help with Forex please click the contact button at the top of the page and thank you for coming to read my review today.

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