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Forex Trend Hunter – EA Forex Robot Review

forex trend hunterForex Trend Hunter – EA Forex Robot Review

Making it in the forex market isn’t easy these days. A lot of new systems coming out and a lot of people trying to take your money, we will let you know what we have here with Forex Trend Hunter.

This is a forex ea utilizing an automated tend following system, showing some promise.

This is not your normal forex marketing ea. The forex trend hunter doesn’t seem to be very popular with all the usual email promoters. This is always a good sign and something we look for in a forex expert advisor.

I find forex launches can be broken down using the following strategy.

  • Hype Launch – 20% probability of successful EA.
  • Non Hype Launch – 50% probability of successful EA.

So at least forex trend hunter is in the non hype launch part of the formula giving it a better opportunity for success. For clarity, I define success in this forex formula by saying a successful EA is one that is winning for a long period of time 6 months to a 1 year.

This gives enough time to win back your money, and generally at the launch of a forex system like forex trend hunter is when it is the most successful. The more saturated (the more people who use the EA) tends to diminish the quality of the system as forex brokers catch on and kill the EAs. Or at least this is how it seems in my experience, I always do better at the launch or a few weeks after.

So lets hope that Forex Trend Hunter is a strong system and I will be adding more information to the forex trend hunter review shortly. If you have any information about the trend hunter that you would like to add please leave a comment below.

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forex trend hunter

About Patrick Ryan

Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.


  1. Hi there, Kim,
    I have one problem with FRN. While they give you the information and opinion on different Eas and systems, there are a very few that are actually tested by them.
    While I am grateful even for that and whatever feedback I get on them in the members column, I would expect someone like you (FRN) to at least test these products and systems even on demo accounts.
    For the robots themselves are quite cheap so that the cost you bear is minimal.
    What do you say Kim???
    Further compliant I have is that despite having asked a couple of questions to FRN and on the forum. There is no feedback from you or the members.
    See Ya.

    • Hi Aslam,

      Thanks for your response. We really do want to test more systems and it has been our plan for a long time.

      I hope that we can raise the funds to be able to provide this and hope that we can do it soon.

      Thanks for your feedback.

  2. Hi there Anthony,
    I have been following your comments here for some time now and feel that you have both the technical and practical knowledge. Since I read about Trend Hunter i have had a good feeling about it. Besides it has one advantage that it trades 3 currency pairs.
    What is your experience with Forex Growth Bot and what are the setting you used for it. What I click Pips are you still with it?
    Andy in your opinion which is the better choice between Forex Growth Bot and Fx Trend Hunter. It would be greatly appreciated as we the feedback on some EAS pretty late here.
    Thanks a zillion.

  3. Alright….I have ran a test on this to see what it does. It uses a volitilty indication to enter trades….with a 39% accuracy. The win to loss ratio is averaging about 2 to 1 in the size of the win vs size of loss….so overall it ends up being profitable. These are stock settings. i just authorized it and did the test with no changes.
    Now i used straight 0.1 lot size with no money management. For this test, I ended with a net profit of +$220.90. The biggest win was $320.06 and biggest loss was -$159.97. For series of wins/losses….The biggest series of consecutive wins was 5 @ +$979.57, and losses was 4 @ -340.61.
    It has a very good set of parameters so it does allow a lot of control. I believe with some optimization this EA could be incredibly profitable.
    Oh finally….the time period I used was from 1-30-2011 thru 5-18-2011. I used this time period because recent markets have been very rough on most EAs and traders with a lot of ranging and sudden major reversals.
    Final analysis…..I can’t give one because this is just a preliminary run at all default….but I am inclined to give it a thumbs up. The reason….I figure if this EA can turn a profit with stock settings…at a less than 40% win rate….what could it do if optimized…..

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