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forex-time-robotForex time robot is a new EA built to profit in any market conditions. They believe that the most important part of trading is being able to withdraw your funds consistently. I certainly agree with that sentiment and hopefully this robot can provide us with that possibility.

Today I will be providing a review and providing a place for the Forex robot nation readers to leave their feedback.

Forex Time Robot Review

My first impressions of the Forex time robot aren’t very good. The website is not very well put together and does not come across as professional. The wording of the webpage is very odd and there are many spelling and grammar mistakes which I take issue with. Obviously, a developer can certainly be good at coding without having a great understanding of the English language but that’s not what I take issue with. My issue is that the developer who can’t see the strengths and weaknesses worries me. Clearly the person behind the software isn’t a very good writer but he or she could easily have paid someone $100 to write the page or edit it for them. When making investments every little bit of information counts.


As for the Forex time robot software, it’s being sold for $282 and 5 licenses for $486. This is a very odd license structure, but it’s in line with how this website is put together in general. There’s a few elements the developer wants to promote about their system. The Forex time robot system includes money management, risk management, organizes open orders and can work with any broker unless that brokers a scammer. Another odd statement, I have to say. The EA filters high impact news and uses multiple strategies to follow different trading sessions.

I really can’t provide a recommendation for the Forex time robot at this point in time because the website makes it very difficult to follow. These statements about the system are on organized and makes it very difficult for me to get a true understanding of how it works and whether or not we should trust with our accounts. They are using FXStat to show us their results and I don’t have very much experience with this website at all. I would prefer if they use my FX book or MT4live.


Please let me know what you think about the Forex time robot by leaving a comment or review below this article now. Your thoughts will definitely help me get a better grasp on how this works because of the Forex robot nation readers believe that it’s a good system than I will have to take it seriously. Thanks for stopping by today and I hope that your week starts off with a lot of wins.

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