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Forex Template Trader – Jason Murray Review

Today I will be looking at Forex Template Trader a system by Jason Murray, in my review I will let you know all the details needed to help you come to a conclusion about this trading software.

Tagline: I’ll show you a powerful set of blueprint trading strategies that allow you to copy and paste the exact same trades as a pro trader from day one.

So this new Forex Template Trader is based on two main factors. I will highlight them now:

  • This can almost remove the emotional and psychological issues from your trading instantly.
  • Just match your charts to the Forex trade template blueprints that are provided and start making easy money.
Sounds simple enough and then the developers provide some screen shots to show what kind of trades the system is placing. So let me show you one of those as an example.

Forex Template Trader Results

forex template trader

So this is a quick glance at how the system works. You can see it will show you when to open the trade and when to close it so there is no confusion or emotion on your part. We have not yet tried this software so we don’t have any independent results. As this is not an automated system we likely will not be able to provide these either, so please make sure you write your experiences with Forex template trader below so the community knows.

Forex Template Trader Conclusion

It is a nice concept, the screen shots look good but like I said below we don’t have any independent results and we likely won’t get any. We will be relying on you to test the software and let other users on Forex Robot Nation know about your experiences with Forex Template Trader. Thanks for reading the review and continue winning.

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