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Forex Take Profiter Robot Review

forex-take-profiterForex Take Profiter Robot is a new EA by Den Murakami and the EliteIT4U team. All their systems are based on the Japanese style of Forex and they hit the market every 1-2 months.

Today I’ll review this system so the Forex Robot Nation readers know what to expect.

Forex Take Profiter Robot Review

The Forex Take Profiter Robot uses a unique new trading pattern with time-filters. The system scalps on the M15 timeframe aiming to gain 30-60 pips a day on the NZDUSD, EURUSD and AUDUSD pairs. They use a slow and steady scalping approach which is generally not something you will ever see with this strategy. Scalping by it’s definition has to be fast so I’d like to hear more about this but it isn’t discussed further. Their goal is to catch and then follow the trend. This is the goal of almost every single system out there and they rarely ever follow through. Yet, Den Murakami believes this system is different because “as soon as it detects a strong growing trend, that usually lasts longer (based on previous years’ experience), the price just bounces back!” So we can tell from this strategic discussion that the software relies heavily on historical data during it’s live trade setups. That is rare and interesting.

The sales website is full of different technical details and advances that the Forex Take Profiter Robot is adding to the market. Although there is a problem with this product and it seems to be a common one with Den Murakami products. While they sound great, with tons of cool features there never seems to be any proof to back it up. We can see results from September of last year but only in statement form. Den can never seem to put together a myfxbook account, not even a demo and considering his ability to create advanced features, there’s nothing stopping him from posting real results.

I won’t be recommending Forex Take Profiter Robot because it is missing a major piece, trading results. As I just mentioned, it is not hard to create a myfxbook or mt4live account to show your results but Den Murakami never does. This makes me believe he is hiding something and that his systems don’t perform well on demo or live accounts. If there’s something you would like to add please leave a comment at the bottom of this review now. Thanks for stopping in at Forex Robot Nation.

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