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Forex Supervisor Review

forex supervisor boxRita Lasker strikes again, this time with a software that is not her usual indicator or robot, it is something she calls the Forex Supervisor.

The software doesn’t trade or send signals but supervises a traders orders. This product will help to set stop loss and take profit levels using visual lines that can be dragged and moved on the chart. The Forex Supervisor is a tool for quick, one-touch TP and SL modifying. The cost of the software is likely to be in the $100 region on the Clickbank payment processor.

Rita’s software is set to launch on Christmas eve, the 24th of December.

Forex Supervisor Review Video

Now I will go over some of the things I covered in the video. To start, what is the main purpose of this software? Well this is what I discussed most in the video and I wasn’t overly impressed. The software makes it easier to modify orders. In Rita’s words “it takes about have a minute to calculate stop loss and take profit, then edit the order” and manually enter the digits. So I guess if you have lots of orders going at once that you are looking to modify this is certainly the product for you.

I will not argue with the purpose of the supervisor. My only point is that a Forex software of this nature is for very few specific traders. It is primarily for manual traders that open multiple orders and feel they spend too much time calculating.

Forex Supervisor Conclusion

While I do trade manually, most of my trading I do is automated and when I do trade manually it is usually one order at a time. The same goes for the majority of the Forex Robot Nation readers.

This software is not for me but that doesn’t mean it isn’t for you.

If you have anything you would like to add or an opinion you would like to express leave a comment below.

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