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Forex Steam V5 – The Ultimate in Trading

Wow, just a monumental day that caught me by surprise.

Forex Steam, out of nowhere announce they are releasing Version 5.

This is free to all current members, and will remain at the discounted price of $117.99 for the next few days before they raise the price for good.

Even if you don’t plan to use it right away, I suggest you get it in advance.

Forex Steam is the one robot that everyone here at Forex Robot Nation agrees with, and use daily.

What Are the Newest Changes In Version 5

Sharper entries and better exits is the main concern with this update. They focused on major algorithm tweaks to combat big losses when the market swings.

The ability to customize and optimize easier to make each user feel more comfortable with the takeprofit and stoploss settings.

These are two big time changes that really change the system entirely.

Having had the opportunity to test V5 for the past few days, I have to say it will take a little bit of getting used to.

How Has it Been Performing So Far?

I am sure that’s the question you have.

Recently, due to complaints about the speed of MTRocket, the fact that it was often unavailable and the ongoing speculation about it’s trustworthiness I decided to move the Forex Robot Nation results back to

So behold, the results..

Version 5 has been active on this account since the 20th of June.

At the time of this email that means 15 wins and 1 loss.

This one loss however should not have even happened as Forex Steam is not to be traded during Europe or US holidays (July 4th Independence Day). However, I got greedy and wanted to see if the new version could possibly pull out a win for me.

Don’t be greedy – it hurts!

Sadly, it did not, so I hope this test acts as a warning for all. Don’t get greedy, and don’t trade during the holidays.

The nice part is there was a win later in the day so I made up some of my losses, and there have been two wins since so I have fully recovered.

Luckily Steam’s new version proves itself to be very quick to recover

Drum Roll Please for the Final Verdict

With 15 wins, 1 loss, a boat load of new features and major algorithmic changes Forex Steam is once again top of the Forex robot world and a MUST BUY for the serious automated trader.

Try Forex Steam

About Patrick Ryan

Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.


  1. So there is a new version called light filter, with a newsindicator, with it, should do preset how much time bevore and after important news the EA should not works. If I find from the beginning well. Whether it function one sees.

  2. Oops – meant to say FOREX (as that is the live account shown) and that I am running using defaults i.e. TP 10, Stop loss 90 and pip retracte of 20

  3. Honestly, I believe this EA does better if left to run all the time. Including holidays and news times. Sure you may have losing trades but then it may win as well. But the clear point is, Forex Steam seem to do better totally uninterrupted. So let it run all the time nonstop using default settings. Except I calculated that SL of 80 is most optimal. And TP of 5-10 PIPs. And just let it run using money you CAN afford to lose and without keep adding to your trading account. Another mistake most traders make. They keep funding their trading account when they should be withdrawing income from it using a set base as their balance.

  4. Admin, people should realize and accept that the published results are real and validated. And if the naysayers had even one shred of honesty and decency, they would make an attempt to verify it themselves. I have and so have my friends. Forex Steam has done incredible thing in less than two years using default settings. It’s the truth. No other EA vendor publishes honest results. Most are all HTML Photoshopped static images on their websites. It irks me endlessly when all caps typing asshats trash something that is being honest and genuine. Of course it will have losing trades but clearly, you cannot deny the profitability of Forex Steam in the long run.

  5. I couldn’t have said it any better myself.

  6. Trash it only after you have used it. All caps trashing from a board spammer is useless. Again, no EA is for newbies. You use default setting so that you can blame the vendor. Always pretty convenient excuse for lack of knowledge. The published trading results is real so clearly, it is profitable in the long run. (less than 2 years starting with $3,000) Also, you must run this on VPS. Preferably VPS located in the same city as your broker’s servers. Also, optimally run on ECN feeds. Try Finfx ECN Pro. And some people may be risking too much per trades. I have the same exact trading results as ones published so clearly, either you are using different settings or your broker feed is highly suspect. Or both. One day or even one week. Even one month is not enough to see the potential. And pips retrace of 20 might be too small for most people. I have it at 40 pips with TP at 20 pips.


  8. Click on and off the EA on/off toggle instead.

  9. Hi,
    After 2 weeks of using the forex steam
    1. I use default settings
    2. I use to disable the live trading 1 hour before the high impact news and enable back 1 hour after the high impact news..
    3. The losing is more than the winning…the problem is, the EA used to open position during the asian session and on negative until the london open..whenever the london open, the EA start to lose more and retrace to SL -20 pips..and close lost..
    4. I find it, the statement published and my trading results are different..
    5. What broker do they use? What is the best method / time to on the EA?

    I am losing money here..and cant figure out the correct method..

  10. Hi Support
    Is there any review about tradingapprentice Ea
    Would be thankful if you could let me know


  11. Hi, guys,

    I have been using Forex Stream Light for a week now on live account…Being very carefull on news releases..mostly activate the EA during asian session…so far made 8 winning trades and 1 loss..(20pip)….reasonable i guess….will trade more ..and still maintaining micro lots..

  12. Has anyone had success with Steam – Normal EA ? How often does it trade ? Thanks !

  13. Then there is the tricky scenario currently, where a trade is open in the Light EA, and there is Euro news coming at 2am Eastern Time. Should I shut the EA off before the night? But that will leave the open trade unsupervised by the EA.

  14. Yes, this is a good way of doing it Roland.

  15. And so the EA would need to be turned off in advance of the news, so that it won’t be holding trades through the news event. So for eg., tomorow morning, July 18, there is high impact news at 10am Eastern Time. Should it be shut off a few hours before, at 7am ?
    b) To shut off the EA, is it simplest to use Properties > untick “Allow live trading”,

  16. Donna, and Admin, when you said that you monitor high impact news, does that mean you also shut down Steam at that time? and for how long? Or do you take some other action, based on big news items?

  17. Forex Robot Geeks

    good ea, worth to buy.

  18. I like to use the default settings the majority of the time. I have found it easy to avoid losses when I monitor high impact news and shut down my mt4 during holidays.

  19. I really want to know, can partners i mean two individuals jointly buy one, can a single one work for two people. And please whats the new link for steam robot online statement.
    Thanks Sir.

    • Yea, they don’t like more than two sharing but there are 4 licenses so you can share with another person if that is your preference.

      I know a couple of the Forex Robot Nation members share together and do 2 licenses each.

  20. Hey I would like to know if you are using the default setting of 90stop loss and 10 take profit

  21. Just upgraded today and I am 2/2 with winners. That’s how I was hoping this would start.

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