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Forex Steam Seven Review

Forex Steam is providing another free update, this upgrade is certainly one that I have been looking forward to a great deal. Coming this week.

Steam is a Forex robot that I have been using for over three years, I am overjoyed to be the first to announce the newest features of this long running automated Forex trading system.

  • Holiday Filter
  • Advanced Time Filter

Most trading systems are forgotten by their developers but not Steam. Over the years I have emailed them with many different ideas and they have always done their best to implement them.

With more than 60 updates since release the software continues to get better, and is a software I will be using until I retire from Forex.

forex steam

 Forex Steam Features

Here is a video where I explain the new features show you my personal results and provide some insider information.

Holiday Filter

holiday filterWhen activated will stop the system from trading on Holidays. You can customize by setting the days before and after the holiday you want to avoid trading for maximum protection. 
The holiday filter will monitor holidays for all currency pairs and only stop trading on holidays directly affected. This means of course that if you are trading EUR/USD the main pair the system will only stop trading on Europe or US Holidays. If you trade another pair that is not recommended by the EA the holiday feature will still work. Thus if you trade AUD/USD the system will only stop trading on Australian and US Holidays.
The image on the right shows the list that will be used as the foundation for this feature.

Advanced Time Filter

The time filter will allow more customization than ever before. Traders will now be able to set the exact times they want to allow Steam to trade. For Example: Set Monday trading to TRUE, you could set the hours of trading from 6 to 15 and then Steam will trade only between those hours.
This can be used for multiple purposes. For traders that monitor news events before the week starts they could set exact times to have Steam active. For traders that only want Steam to trade when they are available, they could set the software to trade around their hours. 
I plan on implementing this to avoid days I feel are too erratic where the market shifts quickly.

Forex Steam Results

My main test account continues to grow since 2012 and the Forex Steam test account is also showing great strength over this period as well.

Now let’s take a look at my new Test running Steam 7.

My New Test:

Older Tests:


Forex Steam continues to grow and develop into a better Forex robot update after update. With a 24/7 support team that actually responds to emails and a proven successful long term trading history Steam remains my favorite trading system on the market.

I recommend this software to any trader looking to grow their accounts.

For a limited time I will be providing a coupon in conjunction with the release of version 7.

Forex Steam 10% Coupon: FRN-8WX3-FRN

Try Forex Steam

About Patrick Ryan

Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their investment goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.


  1. Anyone trading this system needs to really evaluate the rules and think about if they want to take this risk to trade it. The odds of this system working long term is not good. The risk to reward ratio is a mess! Why would u risk 90 pips to only get 10 pips?

  2. hey i will like to know what is the minimum deposit one needs to invest in order to use forex steam seven sucessfully?

    • Hi Ian,

      As no one else has answered, consider this.

      MinLot size of 0.01 Lots, Risk = 10, SL = 90, $ / Pip / lot = $10.
      So with a MinLot of 0.01 you need to be able to Risk 90 x $10 x 0.01 Lots = $9 as 10% of your capital.

      That means you can start with $90 as long as your broker and account supports opening 0.01 lot trades. If the MinLot is 0.10 you will need $900 to start.

  3. Hi Patrick,

    Nice site and support videos. Well done.

    Steam support told me both of the Steam accounts on their and this web site are run on default settings.

    Is that correct?
    if not what setting are used?

    I assume they are both demo accounts on FinFx?
    Is that correct?
    If not what are the account types (demo or live?) and what are the brokers?

    Best regards,

  4. I’m on a real hot streak this week. Looks like since the EURUSD situation is starting to calm the software is back to winning ways. Great to see.

  5. Best way to trade is with MM turned off. And you set your own risk and lot size.

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